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Monday, July 18, 2011

My Machinima Movie

I'm still working on the opening credits. Playing around with a few things here and there.. the opening credits will serve as a background to what has happened up until that point and the current atmosphere. It wont be a 10 sec opening.. I'm shooting for a Hollywood type.

I plan on having a Movie poster to represent the movie... I already have something in mind, but at this time Im not sure what I'm going to call the movie. I really don't want to call it "Little red riding hood" because it won't be 100% true to the story. I have a few ideas...it will come to me by the end of production.

I plan on having two trailers. One close to the end of shooting which will be pretty basic and one after I have the movie done in a rough draft mode, which I hope to have a Hollywood type trailer.

To me the trailer will be as important as the movie itself. The trailer will be released a week or two prior to the movie release.


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