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Friday, January 28, 2011

Opps, I did it again!

Today I came across something which is a perfectly good example of why I had so much trouble coexisting in the Pornstars group.  I come from the school of you get what you deserve. You put the time and effort into something.. it shows and you will be rewarded. I'm not really the type of person who wants a free pass.. I want to earn my stripes. 

After about a month in the Pornstars group  I noticed there was a whole lot of people who thought differently. It wasn't about what they have done, but how they wanted you to see them... instead of allowing you to form a opinion based on their work. If you didn't agree with it... then you were wrong!!

Today I got wind there is a photo contest going on and it's just another great reason why I don't do contests in second life. One of the contestants is publicly pleading for votes. Looking at all the pictures as a whole... their photo in question does not stack up with most of the others. It has less work put into it then most of the others, but it is 2nd place in the contest.

I really feel sorry for those people who put hard work into their photos and earned their way in this final round only to have their photos over looked by who created the photo and not the photo itself.

I don't know how anyone could honestly want to win a contest knowing your photo is not the best, but you begged for the popular vote. I wouldn't..  Why don't you let your work speak for you? ... because you have no chance then. 

It's stuff like this that will turn people away from sharing their great photos and getting into future contests. It also takes away from the spirit itself of the contest. It's a shame...really, it is. 

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  1. One of the main reasons why I finally left the pornstar group was because...it just wasn't fun. At all. Everytime someone tried to come up with a fun idea, like the Pornstar Awards someone would shit their pants and cause a riot.

    I did NOT appreciate the harrassement and abuse that was thrown at Hard after all his hard work trying to get all of that set up.

    What is the point in being part of something that always results in drama?