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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black is the new black!

First off... I been playing around with Photoshop offline allot in my spare time. I also changed up from shape a little (moved a few sliders around) and purchased a new skin. The changes are not major, but they are changes.

I plan on coming out with some new photos and such here soon following these changes.

Before I get on to that... just some unfinished bushiness to take care of. 

So like I said last week I was at the Cumhouse and this Frankenstein like monster, known as Kyla Serenity IMed to point out my feet were a shade off. It's one thing to tell me my feet at a little off.. it's another to do it in a condescending way.

I mean like this thing had room to talk. She is built as if she could be playing on one of those Second Life football teams. Seriously... and she has issues about my shape? LOL.

So I posted about her man and is ears that weren't close to matching. He insisted it was the windlight settings. LMAO. I guess that's what he tell KylaStein when he drops he pants and his pale cock does not match his skin.

So the other day I had some... well, I'm really not sure what the fuck it was, contact me. They were upset I blogged Kylastein and their man. In their profile they claimed to be a demon, elf and a man.. at times. I say you sound very confused.

KylaStein and well... you tell me. 

 So this elf demon with a penis... IMed me making comments about how I was some big black woman from the ghetto. I guess I'm from the Ghetto cause..

1) I don't wear black everyday.
2) I don't hate the world or hate my Real life.
3) I'm not suffer from maniac depression. 
4) I don't live at the Cumhouse with a partner, because between the both of us.. we still can't afford a skybox.

So this elf demon with a penis... rambled on and on... for a little bit making racial derogatory statements about black people (to which Im not one) then they ran out of material fast.

Someone has been watching to much Harry Potter. 

There was one point where I misused the word Hear and used Here.. or something to that effect. So I was a "dumb American".. who butchers the English language. I will give you two guesses to what happened next.

This creature went on to make several mistakes on their own... using the term"Foul Mothed" and then they used "Prey and Pray" in a sentence, but used the words as if they were the same words with the same meaning.

Yes, I love people who cry about spelling and Grammar... give them 5 minutes cause they are bound to fuck up themselves.

Once they failed.. well, seems the air was out of their sails. Then again.... they failed long before that with their scary ass avatar. Newsflash It's fucking, March. Halloween is not for another seven or so months away!

Im sure I'm giving this ugly ass "I hate the world and life" miserable bitches.. more attention then they deserve... that's ok. I'm giving them something beyond their dull black and white world... I'm injecting a little mother fucking color into it.


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