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Thursday, March 1, 2012

LMAO - Nice ears!

So earlier today I posted about this cunt who was dissing me for having my feet slightly tinted darker than rest of my skin.

Her sidekick's feet were 4-5 shades off... now this her beloved man has on some prim ears which don't match his skin. LMAO. They look ridiculous. What's he trying to make a mask like Leather face and has just only worked on the ears? Seriously look how stupid this looks. LMAO

They look like ear muffs LMAO

I mean if he can't match his ears... just have to think he can't match his cock either LMAO

I mean shit.. if your fat ass is going to sit in cumhouse all day to point out the mistakes or others. You should maybe look in the mirror first and get your little clique's shit together before criticizing others.


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