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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guitar Lessons

I have so much junk I have bought, props for movies (wheel chair, cast, phones) that i'm trying to cut back on buying stuff I won't use more than once, if at all. So I tired to get a free guitar today. 

[2011/02/22 18:18]  Rayven Baily: hey
[2011/02/22 18:19]  Rayven Baily: im here to pick up the speical guitar for Mr. Van Halen
[2011/02/22 18:20]  Kentar Vendetta: ic
[2011/02/22 18:20]  Kentar Vendetta: we do have some good van halen guitars
[2011/02/22 18:20]  Rayven Baily: he said it was paid in full.
[2011/02/22 18:20]  Rayven Baily: im just here to pick it up
[2011/02/22 18:21]  Kentar Vendetta: ic. I am sorry, I do not know anything about taht. one moment pls, I'll see if the owner is available
[2011/02/22 18:23]  Kentar Vendetta: someone paid for it, and you are to pick it up and use it?
[2011/02/22 18:23]  Kentar Vendetta: a custom guitar?
[2011/02/22 18:23]  Rayven Baily: Yes. they sent me to pick it up. im their gopher
[2011/02/22 18:24]  Kentar Vendetta: who sent you?
[2011/02/22 18:24]  Rayven Baily: Mr. Van Halen
[2011/02/22 18:26]  Rayven Baily: He has a concert tonight
[2011/02/22 18:26]  Kentar Vendetta: the problem is, we do not have transfereable guitars
[2011/02/22 18:27]  Kentar Vendetta: there would be nothing for you to pick up
[2011/02/22 18:27]  Rayven Baily: I see. maybe he meant for me to have it then.
[2011/02/22 18:27]  Kentar Vendetta: if Mr Van Halen wishes to get his guiar, he has to do it himself
[2011/02/22 18:27]  Rayven Baily: Must be my birthday present he just told me to pick it up tonight.
[2011/02/22 18:29]  Kentar Vendetta: ic. well do you have a transactoin number of the payment?
[2011/02/22 18:29]  Kentar Vendetta: what proof have you
[2011/02/22 18:29]  Rayven Baily: No, he didnt give me that. Im sorry.
[2011/02/22 18:30]  Kentar Vendetta: without that, or even a descriptoin of which guitar it is, how can I help you get it?
[2011/02/22 18:30]  Kentar Vendetta: or which
[2011/02/22 18:32]  Rayven Baily: I dont know just trying to do what my boss said
[2011/02/22 18:32]  Kentar Vendetta: what is the person's full avatar name pls
[2011/02/22 18:33]  Kentar Vendetta: I can look up his purchase records
[2011/02/22 18:35]  Rayven Baily: He might of use a alias because he is pretty big star
[2011/02/22 18:36]  Kentar Vendetta: well, we need some info to help find out what's going on
[2011/02/22 18:36]  Rayven Baily: Im sure it was top of the line model he only plays the best
[2011/02/22 18:36]  Kentar Vendetta: glad to hear it
[2011/02/22 18:37]  Rayven Baily: so when should i expect it to be delivered
[2011/02/22 18:37]  Kentar Vendetta: what
[2011/02/22 18:37]  Kentar Vendetta: you still have not told me which of the 100s of guitars it is
[2011/02/22 18:38]  Kentar Vendetta: I'd love to hellp u uot
[2011/02/22 18:38]  Rayven Baily: warlock black and white
[2011/02/22 18:41]  Rayven Baily: those are some nice drums. very nice store
[2011/02/22 18:41]  Kentar Vendetta: ty
[2011/02/22 18:41]  Kentar Vendetta: may I friend you?
[2011/02/22 18:41]  Rayven Baily: sure.
[2011/02/22 18:41]  Kentar Vendetta: I'm trying to track this down for u
[2011/02/22 18:42]  Kentar Vendetta is Online
[2011/02/22 18:43]  Rayven Baily: ok thank you. sorry if im making more work for you.
[2011/02/22 18:43]  Kentar Vendetta: it's ok, I can tell you are new
[2011/02/22 18:43]  Kentar Vendetta: but, we have no way of giving guitars out without proof of purchase
[2011/02/22 18:44]  Rayven Baily: Oh, im sorry I didnt come prepared.

Rats I thought i had it too.


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