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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Roleplaying fun

The last few days I have made a effort to get into role playing.. and well, I find it pretty boring.  Half the time everyone is AFK. I been thinking about buying a weapon, but not sure about role playing. So tonight I landed in Toxian City. I have a dislike for Vampires which there was a bunch of them there.

So this guy was walking around looking like Chuck Norris with guns strapped to his leg. I started to convince him like a evil voice in his head he should shoot the place up. I was actually a few streets over from all of this. So he ended up killing this vampire then there was sort of a stand off between him and this growing lynch mob. I was playing the devil on his shoulder. 

[2011/02/20 18:33]  Rayven Baily: did you kill her
[2011/02/20 18:34]  nigel Cambric: yes
[2011/02/20 18:34]  nigel Cambric: now they sayin i cheated always do when i win
[2011/02/20 18:34]  Rayven Baily: there cant be any witnesses finish them
[2011/02/20 18:34]  nigel Cambric: lol
[2011/02/20 18:36]  Rayven Baily: what are you waiting for they are plotting against you. take them out
[2011/02/20 18:36]  nigel Cambric: throwing rules at me again
[2011/02/20 18:36]  nigel Cambric: all in it together
[2011/02/20 18:37]  Rayven Baily: they are playing mind games. you need to show them there is a new sheriff in town
[2011/02/20 18:38]  nigel Cambric: lol
[2011/02/20 18:38]  nigel Cambric: well zoey a gm
[2011/02/20 18:39]  Rayven Baily: if they didnt want combat then they wouldnt have it in the game. you cant trust vampires they want your blood
[2011/02/20 18:40]  Rayven Baily: she has her staff out now better hurry and get the jump on them
[2011/02/20 18:41]  nigel Cambric: lol im goin in 2 mins
[2011/02/20 18:41]  Rayven Baily: shoot first ask questions later
[2011/02/20 18:41]  nigel Cambric: lol
[2011/02/20 18:41]  nigel Cambric: that wat you do
[2011/02/20 18:42]  Rayven Baily: yes let god sort them out. they are vampires they are already dead so it wont be murder
[2011/02/20 18:42]  nigel Cambric: lol
[2011/02/20 18:43]  nigel Cambric: muder u scottish ?..lol
[2011/02/20 18:43]  Rayven Baily: they are recruiting more people you better hurry
[2011/02/20 18:43]  nigel Cambric: where ru watching?
[2011/02/20 18:43]  nigel Cambric: muder u scottish ?..lol
[2011/02/20 18:44]  Rayven Baily: rambo would have mowed them all down by now
[2011/02/20 18:45]  Rayven Baily: see she is powering up shoot. act fast
[2011/02/20 18:45]  nigel Cambric: who is?
[2011/02/20 18:45]  Rayven Baily: zoey
[2011/02/20 18:45]  nigel Cambric: how ya know?
[2011/02/20 18:46]  Rayven Baily: she is waving her staff around and its making noises and colors
[2011/02/20 18:46]  Rayven Baily: watch out behind u some guy just ran past you
[2011/02/20 18:47]  Rayven Baily: they are surrounding you shoot and run
[2011/02/20 18:47]  Rayven Baily: aim for the head
[2011/02/20 18:48]  nigel Cambric: there all powering up
[2011/02/20 18:48]  Rayven Baily: I told you they are ready for a fight give it too them
[2011/02/20 18:49]  nigel Cambric: on my own ,,lol
[2011/02/20 18:50]  nigel Cambric: are u in the bar?
[2011/02/20 18:50]  Rayven Baily: yes you waited too long you should have finished them off the first time
[2011/02/20 18:50]  nigel Cambric: they was non combative
[2011/02/20 18:50]  nigel Cambric: i am non combative now
[2011/02/20 18:50]  nigel Cambric: ill go out the back
[2011/02/20 18:51]  Rayven Baily: yes go back and provoke them they obviously want a fight they are taunting you
[2011/02/20 18:51]  Rayven Baily: shoot that guy
[2011/02/20 18:53]  nigel Cambric: lol
[2011/02/20 18:53]  Rayven Baily: that guy on the right is taunting you show him who is boss
[2011/02/20 18:53]  nigel Cambric: soon as i go into combat mode they will be on me
[2011/02/20 18:54]  Rayven Baily: no they wont i have your back im behind them
[2011/02/20 18:54]  nigel Cambric: how can i believe that
[2011/02/20 18:54]  Rayven Baily: we have them in a crossfite
[2011/02/20 18:55]  Rayven Baily: why do you by guns if you are not going to use them. Billy the kid wouldnt take these vampires bullshit
[2011/02/20 18:55]  nigel Cambric: a man thinks with his head not with his guns
[2011/02/20 18:56]  Rayven Baily: well when that guy by you smacks you in the head with that weapon you are done for
[2011/02/20 18:58]  Rayven Baily: shoot to kill
[2011/02/20 18:59]  Rayven Baily: what are you waiting for
[2011/02/20 18:59]  nigel Cambric: show  urself

This guy started looking for me, but I was still two streets over.

[2011/02/20 19:00]  Rayven Baily: hurry they are powering up again
[2011/02/20 19:00]  nigel Cambric: where ru
[2011/02/20 19:01]  Rayven Baily: dont worry about me. i have your back

He mowed down three of them and surprisingly didn't die himself

2011/02/20 19:06]  Rayven Baily: run!!
[2011/02/20 19:07]  nigel Cambric: thought u had my back ,,lol
[2011/02/20 19:09]  Rayven Baily: sorry i was afk when you started shooting
[2011/02/20 19:10]  nigel Cambric: killed 3 of them
[2011/02/20 19:11]  Rayven Baily: I saw. you are wanted now
[2011/02/20 19:11]  nigel Cambric: by who
[2011/02/20 19:11]  Rayven Baily: the vampires get out of that town

So I guess you don't need to role play or have fun in a RP sim.


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