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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hair comes the Princess!

I hit about 6-7 new hair stores today and came away with these 6 new styles. There were a few more I was tempted to buy, but decided I don't need them at this time. 

What I look for in hair
  1. I like Hair with a little flexi in them sort of Hybrids. 
  2. I like streaked hair. Just allows you more looks and combos. 
  3. I try to stay away from hair that will mostly be in my boob or in my shoulder. 
  4. Hair that's good for shooting movies (Sex hair)
I have a movie trailer on Naughy Machinima for a movie I'm working on called School Daze. Shooting is about 95% done on the film and I'm about to start editing. I have one more scene to shoot and will need a handful or extras to do it. (women as school girls)


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