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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SL Rape

Seriously, what's the obsession with rape in Second life? Ask the hundreds of thousands of women who have suffered through it in real life...it's not a picnic. Recently, I have started watching the series the Sons of Anarchy. I'm half way through season two and there is a rape scene in it. Katey Sagal (who was Peggy Bundy in Married with Children) is awesome as a tough MILF. She gets raped by a white hate (pro white) group because her husband is selling guns to blacks. Yes, it's a TV show, but they are not portraying her as if her life just goes on,  it was a joyful experience

Someone posted a video about some rape HUD you can track down women wearing certain type of clothing in second life. Of course posted my thoughts, but I'm sure they will get erased so I will so the same here.

I can understand the whole Sub/dom - slave-master thing. I have been to several role play sims recently and been to the Gor HUB. I have read web pages about Gor and read the backlash. In a way I can give that a pass. It's fantasy, about a book which the actions don't even take part on Earth. After all, wasn't Princess Lea a slave and I'm sure she was a sex slave too.

This HUD hits home too close for some. Like I said on NM what is next a HUD to allow white avatars to tracks and beat black avatars into slavery? What is too far? Where is the line drawn? What if there was a condition with buying this HUD, that you had to wear it for a week or a certain number of hours in a Prison sim filled with homosexual males waiting to make you the victim? How many HUDs would be bought then? I'm going to say a hell of a lot less.

Finally, I too have been a victim of rape. Not in a direct sexual way.. back at the start of the year there was the Sexiest Awards. In the category of "Best Sex Story" I entered my movie, Dommiadtrix which didn't get nominated.  That's not my bitch.

Nominated was a video called "Violation of Shanna" which was basically a rape scene. Not a Story.. not a movie a scene. No dialog. Best story are you kidding me? This was the point I was done with the Pornstars group. It really had nothing to do with my movie, but my movie had a freakin story and dialog at least. I'm sure there were other movies, with a actual story,
which were more deserving then a rape scene.


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