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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My personal playground...newbie's nightmare

So I bought this outfit yesterday... damn I looked fucking hot! So what better place to show it off than my personal playground Fuck club. It's basically a free sex zone with it's fair share of lag, but for some reason I just like to go there and cause trouble. I usually go in a school girl outfit flirt with the women dancers, crack jokes... get them feeling uneasy as the men blow up my IM box. I guess it was the outfit... but I really felt dominant.

So the fun began when the male dancer on the pole IMs me. He has a few girls watching him, but is blowing me up. So I start fucking with him. So at one point I tell him he should grab that little blonde bitch over there eying him and let's go have a threesome. He said, NO!. What? He said he don't think he could pull it off. Well, I wasn't serious but at least he was honest. So this female avatar walks in, 3 days old takes off her top right away. So I ask her who's alt she is. She claims she is not an alt... yet 3 days of SL and you find this place. I was roaming stores buy clothes so I didn't look like a newbie three days in.

So this blonde girl who was watching the male dancer sticks her two sense in and says "I'm 13 days old and I'm not and alt". So I look at her and she has on this hair and a big fucking forehead. Huge bald spot as her head was too big for her hair. So I gladly let her know about that. :)

So she walks up to me and asks me if it's fixed now... well yea, but now your eyelashes are screwed up.. and wait. What? your wearing a demo skin around second life? Ok, maybe you were telling the truth you are not an alt. Seriously, before you go talking like you are all that and going around free sex zones trying to act all flirty.. you might want to get your avatar together..BITCH!


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