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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love the way you lie...

 A few days ago I had the pleasure of someone ( I work with) contacting me about my movie "Justin Love" saying as a dancer it gives me a unfair advantage among other bullshit.  I especially had an unfair advantage over new girls. Yet, this person has a photoshopped photo on her escort ad board... so that don't give you a unfair advantage over someone that don't?

You see here is the difference.. my video shows me.. what I look like and will look like if I am hired by the client. It also shows some things I can do if I am hired.  Your OVER-photoshopped photos on your board and in your profile only show one thing. You have photoshop but can't use it very well.

I can understand photos touched up for personal use, but to have a photoshopped photo as your ad as a escort is a joke. You are advertising a service, which part of that service is visual... so when you show up you are not showing up in your "fake" form. So you are basically decieving the paying customer with lies..

Speaking of lies... you sure do like to exaggerate the truth. I always love people who run their mouth, yet have no facts what so ever to back it up...just opinion. Then the cherry on top of all this is the smile after the conversation. Talk about fake...

So with that said I'm on the verge of filming movie.. I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy the burn..


  1. Well said...Being a porn star is not a money making venture as you know. Not directly anyhow. As a dancer/escort it can enhance you in peoples eyes. That's got to be a positive, and would give you an edge. The bottom line is, if it does any of that it's been earned and brought about by hard work, being creative and constructive.

    What's to stop her getting off her ass and making a movie? How is a movie impressing guests different from good quality clothes, hair, and a sexy skin. Where do you draw the line? "your skin is better than mine! put an old crappy one on it's not fair on the other girls!"

    That video as you say is the real you..not some photo shopped creation. She'll probably get a body double in if she does a movie. She can use my ass in her close ups for L$20,000 like Julia Roberts. :P

  2. Oh can I please be in it!? As another victim of her hoe-wrath, all I can say is that once she sees someone is getting some attention and she isn't all hell breaks lose. So how about we do a little teaming up? *Giggles*

    Great post Rayven.