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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Justin Love" is out!

Director's note - I shot this thing three times. Being a noob director first time I shot it I forgot to remove the arrow cursor. Second time around half the shots were missing one of my tattoos. Third time around was a charm...The idea for this video came about this way - I was working one week and this damn Justin Bieber song would play every time I would be dancing. Im taking my clothes off and shaking my ass for guys and I have to listen to this kid sing? So I came across the bed and need a purpose to buy it and the whole video idea came about. Overall I'm very happy and it came out as I saw it in my head. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I'm sure this is the only porn video with Justin Bieber music and I'm sure it will be the last too.

Click to watch "Justin Love"


  1. I will be blogging this..and doing a little write up. I was giggling..and turned on! Does not get much better than that!

    Congrats for bringing your great sense of humour which is all over your blog into this movie.

    Thanks :)

    I think i dated that doll for a while as a noob. Terrible emoter..but stayed the course!

  2. Hey babe ! Really great vid. You did a great job producing it, congrats <3



  3. I wasn't expecting the special appearance of "The Ivori"
    Great movie!