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Monday, October 18, 2010


Dommaidatrix views on Naughty machinima are closing in on 700 views! Thank you all who have watched it and watched it again!

My next movie will be called "Sindarella" or something to that effect. It will be my take on the Cinderella story, but with a SL twist. The movie will be about a new girl to second life who takes a job at a strip club only to find out making money and friends is going to be harder than she thought. It's a fairytale rags to riches story and will have Ivori Faith in a very special role in the movie!!! So look for that soon. 

Also a special friend/fan did some wonderful things for me today and took me on a shopping spree. Thank you so much.. I look forward to what we talked about :) 

Finally - Ok I gave this guy a chance to prove he wasn't bullshit.. but well.. he is full of shit,
Shartan Silverstar - contacted me about being in a movie around a month ago. He "claimed" he just got done filming one and was casting his second. The catch you had to fuck him and his partner. So I turned it down for that reason plus this guy has a thing against women wearing shorts or pants.

He had a group he invited people he was casting to and one thing I noticed... it was only filled with girls looking to get in the business... nobody who had already done a film. 

Well, since Im on the verge of my third movie.. I decided to contact him tonight about his movies.

[2010/10/18 19:49]  Rayven Baily: Hi so how is your movie coming along I havent seen it. I also recall you had one already shot and just needed to edit it
[2010/10/18 19:50]  Shartan Silverstar: hi, yes, it's getting close to completion, thanks for asking
[2010/10/18 19:51]  Rayven Baily: So the one you already shot is done?
[2010/10/18 19:51]  Shartan Silverstar: no, that's the one that's close to completion, editing
[2010/10/18 19:52]  Rayven Baily: lol I see... long editing process.. I have shot two movies myself and put two out.. working on my third in in the last three weeks
[2010/10/18 19:52]  Shartan Silverstar: nice
[2010/10/18 19:52]  Shartan Silverstar: good for you
[2010/10/18 19:53]  Rayven Baily: sounds like your company is just a lame attempt to get laid
[2010/10/18 19:54]  Shartan Silverstar: if that's what it sounds like to you, you should steer clear of my company, princess
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Rayven Baily: Don't worry.... I will. I mean what else do you call a film in eidting over a month then casting for another lol.. sounds pretty shady to me.
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Shartan Silverstar: I never worry, why would I start now?
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Shartan Silverstar: I am uploading a picture it might crash my viewer
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Shartan Silverstar: so bye
[2010/10/18 19:58]  Rayven Baily: LOL you are pathetic.... have to make up lies and fake promises to get sex.

So unless you want to wait months for a movie that will never come out... if this pathetic loser asks you to join his production group tell him to go fuck himself.


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