"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sinderella and Dommaidatrix

Dommaidatrix with over 800 views on Naughty Machinaima is now a featured movie!! Once again thanks to all of you for checking it out. 

My 3rd movie,  Sinderella is now on Naughty Machinima. You can also watch it at Naughty Bitch

I hope you enjoyed it. I have recently been getting people sending me notecards and wanting to be in my movies. Well, I'm taking a break currently. I have a few ideas (which I will always have) but nothing solid where Im ready to shoot. I will keep you all in mind and thank you for the interest.


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