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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back from the future!

Well, I just came across this from Aprille Sheperd's tweeter..

 It's basically a picture of Aprille Sheperd and Emanuelle Jameson with a copy of some txt of them talking to each other. Wow, I was so wrong about these two.. this picture and this text clearly shows they are two different people. How can I be so wrong about these two..

Wait a minute.. something is happening.

[2011/06/07 08:36]  Rayven Baily: Woah, who are you?
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Future Rayven: I am from the future and this here is you from the past.
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Past Rayven: The future is such a different and confusing place.
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Future Rayven: Past Rayven, we are only a hour into the future.
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Rayven Baily: I'm in the future?
[2011/06/07 08:38]  Future Rayven: No, you are in the present, Rayven.
[2011/06/07 08:38]  Past Rayven: See, I told you it was confusing
[2011/06/07 08:39]  Rayven Baily: How did you get here?
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: Emanuelle Jameson used her time machine and came to the future
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: I stopped her from learning about our plan to reveal she is a Alt of Aprille Sheperd so she couldn't stop us.
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: I then stole her time machine, erased her memory
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: an brought her back to the year 2011.
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Rayven Baily: Wow!
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Future Rayven: I then returned to the future and uploaded a virus into Scooby Mode's super computer
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Future Rayven: Which allowed me to take control of all the bots at Toy Slaves Brothel.
All 3,000 of them.
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Rayven Baily: Wow 3,000 bots. That's some army!
[2011/06/07 08:44]  Past Rayven: Then she came to see me and now we are here to see you.
[2011/06/07 08:44]  Future Rayven: Rayven, in the future you will rule second life with a iron first like you always dreamed.
[2011/06/07 08:44]  Future Rayven: Your army of bots cannot be stopped!

So what did your pic and txt prove? Nothing. i just did exactly what you did.. using my avatar as three different characters. Not really hard to fudge the txt transcript..

All I know is that 10:39 was one long, long minute. I guess Emanuelle can also stop time, too.. 

Too bad you didn't use the time to explain why Emma story about how she came up with her name is full of shit. Maybe explaining the outrageous videos views. Or a sim full of bots...

Nice try


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