"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pulling the curtain back

So here is my secret.. or should I say someone's secret.... Like the wizard of Oz above.. it's time to pull the curtain back. I will explain how I came about this and why I am doing this...

 First a little about me.. I really enjoy the History Channel. Discovery channel... programs and documentaries that make you think about things. I don't believe everything I watch or hear, but I do take it in consideration. I don't believe in the Loc Ness monster, Big foot.. Vampires, but I enjoying hearing their side of why they exist. Either to laugh my ass off.. or to say you know.. they have a point. I do feel it helps  me broaden my thinking and not be so narrow minded.. missing things that are right in front of my own eyes.

 So with that said..Emmanuelle Jameson is an alt of Aprille Sheperd.

Why am I making this public - Well, months ago Aprille Sheperd made a comment on my blog saying I should apologize to Emmanulle Jameson for assuming that Ace Orberts (who played the male role in La Cagna Ricca) was an alt or a bot. After how I was treated within her group the Pornstars this didn't sit well with me.. and really there was no need for me to apologize because I was right. My biggest pet peeve is knowing Im right yet someone lying to me.. like Im a fucking idiot.

The avatar of Ace Oberts - Before I put anything on my blog this avatar was online all the time. There was nothing in their profile. from the time Aprille Sheperd saw my post and posted on my blog, someone added a Profile picture and she claimed it was always there... "I missed it". Then Ace Oberts who was online all the time for a week suddenly was never online. Aprille Sheperd said they had a falling out just after the movie (how convenient).

This person is playing out two identities in one group as two separate people. The Emma avatar made a huge deal about not being in the Sexiest Awards only to have their Alt submit their movie. Hard Rust didn't get the chance to submit his movies... he actually did what the Emma avatar made a huge big deal about doing, but they didn't actually do it. There are a lot of lies and illusions surrounding this person the Emma/Aprille Shepard combo.

Why would Aprille Sheperd have this Emma alt? Well, my best guess is she wanted to get into making SL porn movies, but it wouldn't look good for a Madame who has all these girls collared to be a submissive slut and be making SL videos. Nothing wrong with that.. but that wasn't enough. She could of have one alt running the buisness and the other making movies, but both had to get into the movie business. Then both had to start talking each other up. Like Emma saying "Aprille Sheperd is a huge internet personality" prior to La Cagna Ricca release. I doubt 85% of the people in the pornstars group whould know who she was if she wasnt a member and a moderator. I bet 85% of second life never heard of her. Also Emma saying the number of views on "La Cagna Ricca was from her great popularity. LOL" Funny how Aprille Sheperd got all the hype and Mr. Ace Oberts got a small mention. lol .

Some people can't be happy with what they have... their egos crave more.. 

 So I have already blogged. Emma lied in her interview with Ivori about how she came up with the name Jennnna Jameson

Impossible unless you consider time travel.

Then I showed her movies are overally bloated, especially I want Candi and La Cagna Ricca. Two of the most boosted videos ever. I mean I want Candi - 1,000 views in one day on NM. That's about as realistic as the movie Avatar.

So how did I come about these two avatars are the same person.

1. Emma avatar has no payment information. Being a former escort it's one of the first things I check.. 95% of the time those with no payment info look like a newbie or are a alt.

2. La Cagna Ricca wasn't the first video connection with Toy Slaves Brothel and Aprille Sheperd.

3. Emma and Aprille Sheperd at times have sent out notices in Pornstars group around the same time. Or send notice out around the same time of night..

4. With most of the women in SL wearing truth hair -> both seem to not wear truth hair and it seems their hair of choice is from the same place.

5. Back in late November early Dec - Emma told me she was 20. Then after talking to a few people shortly after, they were told a different ages. Everyone in general came to the same conclusion she was older than that.

6. At one time there was a supposed to be a real life picture of "Emma" on her blog which is not there anymore... but.... I have it

Now compare this photo to the one in Aprille Shepard's RL profile. Also the picture above don't look like a 19 year old.

7. Aprille Sheperd sends out Linden Labs, Phoenix, Kristen's information in notice in porn stars group. Emma has these links on her blog.

8. I always wondered how Toy Slaves Brothel could be promoted the way it was in the Pornstars group.. while other clubs being promoted couldn't.

9. (this was sort of the nail in the coffin for me) I never as Rayven Baily spoke to Aprille Sheperd, but on Aurora's latest video Aprille Sheperd comments. "Ohhhh Canada - a Great Way to celebrate your 50th !!! Congrats Rora !!!! Sorry I missed being in this one, hope you had a few Tim Bits for me!!!! Happy May Two-Four !!!! Raises a Keith's to you and digs inot a Big plate of Heart Stopping Poutine!!!! XOXOXOXOXO - Madame Aprille "

Notice the excessive use of exclamation points.  Muliple !'s.

Emma's comment on my movie Sinderella "Rayven you are already one of the best storytellers in SL adult films!!! Yet another great job"

Check her movies for similar comments with multiple !!!s

A recent post on her blog "The blog just turned two this week. And at the same time we hit a third of a million views overall. With most of those coming this year.

It's been a great ride. Hope you've enjoyed it. Because I know i like bringing it to u. It makes me hot when you watch!!!

To celebrate, I plan to do some things looking back over the last few years in some BEST OF features.

Finally, thanks to the new writers, Jinx, Aurora, Blaise and Daphne for making the future of the blog even better. And especially my Co-Editor Serenity Kristan Juneberry!!!

That's not all..

So this past week I used an alt myself to do some undercover work, sort of speak. I went to Toy Slaves Brothel and just looked around. What i noticed was actually pretty funny. 85% of the people at the main sim are bots and they all look like the just came from a newbie warehouse. There were at least FIVE customers there who were bots. The Bartender. the DJ, girls dancing for the customer bots. A bot at every portal. It looked like a Small world from Disneyland.

I went back the next day everyone was pretty much in the same place. The third time I went back Aprille Sheperd was under the sim and you can tell someone was moving the bots around and changing them up. I guess it was a shift change.

The 4th time I went back I spawned in right behind Aprille Sheperd dancing in front of me. Kind of strange because she was using the same dance animation as Emma in the start of this video

I took her picture again and we started talking..  I mentioned all the bots and if she hired real women. She claimed everyone in front of me was real. (she also used !!!'s when she talked and plenty of them) So I asked about this one guy that stands in the same place everyday, Mike Michigan.

A few seconds later he was moving and talking to me.. and wow, what a magic trick. She admitted he was her alt and she used him to catch freelance escorts.Which I thought was really funny.. because you would have to be a really, really stupid escort to get caught.

He is like three years old and looks like someone 1 week old. He stands in the same spot every day. He has no payment information. LOL. What escort is going to fall for that? A really stupid one.

I mean I don't know any club that has fake customers... Toy Slaves Brothel is one big fake illusion. I mean if you are going to fill your buisness/sim with fake customers, fake girls, bartenders, Djs... why wouldn't you have an alt? Why wouldn't you play out two personalities. You are playing out several of them on your sim!!  If you are going that far to fool people.. why wouldn't you also boost your movies? LOL

An to top it all off the "live cam" on Toy Slaves brothel web page isn't live or it isn't live right now.. why is that? Down because you are moving?

The claim Emma is the biggest SL Porn star is just that... another attempt at deception another illusion. How can you be non active, but be the biggest.. and I dont really call being in LeeHornGold and Pel Beaton's movies as active. They make a movie a day and anyone can get it in them.

I don't think this person is dumb by any means.. after all it takes some sense to start up a business and run it.. but some people are just smart (or book smart) but are not very clever. This person can go on with their business and with their Alt Emma making movies.. but I just felt people should know who exactly you are dealing with.

The Show is over!


  1. About the payment info.
    I'm an escort and I do not have payment info and I'm definately no alt. I do have one but she doesn't have payment info either. I do not trust payment systems like Paypal and do not own a creditcard (I'm Dutch and not all Dutch people have CC's)

    BTW this is Aurelia, for some reason I can't log in to post comments on blogspot

  2. Some escorts don't have payment attached to their accounts, this is why they have jobs in second life. The Emma alt, has no job as far as I know It isn't online enough to have a escort job. I doubt it has a store on marketplace. They would be promoting it. It has no way of making money other than receiving it from another account.

    There a other things I could have mentioned as similarities in the two accounts. Like the Emma account being online and you IM them and get no response. Like I said I never really talked to Aprille Sheperd personally until recently through an alt and you get to same delayed response. Sometimes with her answering you 12 hours later.

    To add another thing, the Emma account just pops on line here and there. To make a movie or make an appearance. That's really its only purpose in second life. It's clearly not a main account.

    Three days ago I told this person I knew who they were and gave them the chance to come clean and admit it. I told them they could do it on their blog and explain it how they wanted to and get all the traffic from it. They passed.

    I admitted myself of using another alt to make videos, borrowing a friend's account. Difference is, I wasn't having this account say "Rayven is amazing and the best director in second life" I wasn't saying "Brady is the best male Pornstar". I treated them as a prop. In no way was I trying to trick or fool someone into having sex with them. I didn't do it to make my avatar look better or their avatar to look better. I just did it to make a movie.

    I think when she (Emma) made a big deal about trying to be fair and not going to be in the awards show only to already have plans of having her alt enter... It was a slap in the face to everyone involved. I saw it coming the minute she said it... and really, she could of entered her stuff on her own as far as I was concerned, but she played the sympathy card.