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Friday, June 17, 2011

A few changes

First off.. the video I been working on I'm going to put it off for a while. Why? Well, overall I think I have a solid idea, but things are coming along slowly... so I'm going to take a break  I will say it's tougher than I thought..

With that said.. I came up with a new idea. An I will say this idea is perfect for me and I LOVE it! The idea is sort of fresh and there are a few different ways I can go with it.. what makes it great?

It plays to my strengths as a machinima maker. A lot of the stuff I do on my blog and some of by better movies.. I really had no plans for ideas just pop in my head. A great example of this was my movie, Seducing Santa. One day I was just looking on marketplace for Christmas stuff and bought a few things and the next thing you know I had a video.

It also allows me to try a bunch of different stuff I have always wanted to do.

Best of all... it will be FUN! Not just to make... but also to be part of and I hope I can get others involved.


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