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Monday, June 20, 2011

Same old song and dance

So earlier in the week Emanuelle Shepherd (yes, I still stand by they are the same person 110%) made a post on her blog in response to Hard Rust's comments last week.

In her little rant she supports uploading as much and as many videos as you can to Naughty Machinima. Then talks about the community and how we should be blogging others movies to forge a better community.

So the usual suspects comment, supporting her.. even Aprille Shepherd takes a few minutes of standing around Toy Slaves Brothel with her 15+ bots to make a comment.

So I commented and gave my 2 cents on the subject.. and a day or two later I had a few other things to add and made another comment. Well, it never was made public.. Instead we had a tons of pictures of real life porn stars (what do they have to do with second life? Second life porn? Nothing, just a ploy to suck in more people to her blog who otherwise wouldnt go.) Another picture of that Prince Andrew.. which seems like has been posted 100 times. Talk about beating a dead horse.

These thing are more important... it seems. Well, since the conversation went from an ass kissing contest to others with opinions that didn't exactly go a long with her's.

This whole thing sort of reminds me of back in December... EmeeLee organized to have a bunch of SL Pornstars pictures taken in group photos with a Christmas theme. They were supposed to be shown exclusively on Emanuelle's blog.. but after the first wave was released, they were quickly burried by four posts about her next great movie "Emanuelle does Dallas" (which BTW 6 months later has yet to come out) Yet it was SO important at that time to let everyone know about this great movie (which still hasn't come out, BTW) and to take away what EmeeLee worked hard at organizing. Hey, it was important. NOT!

So I think in my second comment (which never was posted) I made some valid points and since I'm smarter than the average bear.. I copied what I wrote in a notecard... because I sort of saw this coming. Here it is mostly (with some editing since its so hard to write in those small comment boxes)

Just one more thing I would like to add on this. When I joined the "Pornstars" group for the first time. I didn't say anything, I just sort of took it in for about three weeks. Just observing... Naughty machinima was down at the time and I didn't even know what Naughty Machinima was. Several people were complaining it was down. They sent an email and Muze didn't reply. Muze didn't put a message on the website why its down. They were cursing him, calling him names.

With the the bitching and complaining, I assumed it was a paid site. Later once I found out what Naughty Machinima was I couldn't believe all these people were having a fit over a website which was charging them NOTHING to host their videos.

Naughty Machinima is not Youtube. It's basically one guy running it and I know he has other sites also. He hasn't charged to keep it running up until recently. When I talked to him like six months ago he said he was considering changes to the site, but didn't make any major changes right away. Only now that things have got worse are changes being made.

Since I have been making machinima videos the quality of the videos on Naughty Machinima have improve all while at the same time the naughty Bitch has been down or crashed several times and the video quality has got worse. Hell, it's down right now.

So we should be VERY LUCKY we have Naughty Machinima and what Muze is doing for SL Porn.

You say others in the community are trying to tear others down? What are "others" doing to Naughty Machinima/sl porn? Obviously he don't want to charge people, because he would of already been doing it. The change to a payment system is to offset the the "spamming" some people choose to do. The abusive attitude of a small few are changing things for a entire community.

You say Enthusiasm is a good thing... well, you can still get excited about making Machinima, but it don't mean you need to spam the site with your cookie cutter videos.

Jinx made some great points. How many cave videos, or lap dance videos, or beach videos does the same person need to make?

I'm all for others making progress and improving. I'll be honest. I wasn't a huge fan of Sleepy Umia (sp?) movies when she first started I thought they were way to long. Over time she continued to improve and got much better to a point where she was starting to take on some subject matter that was rather sensitive. The point is she improved over time.

I see some of these cookie cutter videos by some of these directors. You watch their early work and compare it to what they are doing a year later and it looks about the same. My opinion is you can't improve on anything that you slap together in a few hours each day using a same movie script you used a dozen times.

The solution is not blogging people's movies. Sure, that can help but not everyone who goes to Naughty Machinima goes to blogs. You might have people who go to the site because they like the videos but have nothing to do with SL or the Sims at all. So instead of seeing a great machinima by Rysan Falls or Pixie Rain. The front page had 5 videos each by three different people.

Finally, for those of you waiting to make the comparison to RL porn. Last I checked RL Porn is a multi-million dollar buisness. Nobody in SL porn is getting rich. The audience for SL Porn machinima is MUCH smaller than RL porn. That's because a majority of people love two watch to humans fucking, but could care less about two avatars sitting on a pose ball. Which is why Plots, stories and characters are more essential to SL porn than RL porn.

In the end I don't feel there was any real attempt her to have an discussion on what I feel is a big problem which has only got WORSE over time. I look at this as Emma Shepherd trying to cast a line out and see what kind of nibbles she can get... if she still had any support after I claimed they were one of the same person. Once she started to get some comments of support, it was a platform to once again try to show the Emanuelle Jamseon and Aprille Shepherd were two different people. An a weak one at that.

So here is the deal.. if ANYONE wants to have a legitimate discussion about how things can improve in SL Porn - what changes need to be made. I will host it right on my site. I won't bury it will crap nobody cares about. I wont censor it....like you find on other sites. It will be the focus.. not some picture of a sub-par RL porn star.


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