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Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking a break

First off - I won't be doing that video I previously mentioned. The whole concept was a music video to Pink's song "Sober". Basically in the video I was going to be playing a troubled female who goes to visit her parents who were both deceased. Parents were and alcoholic and a drug addict and both lived short lives because of it. While at the cemetery she confronts her own demons and decides if she wants to meet a similar fate. In the end she overcomes her demons and decides there that she wants more out of life.

It was harder to do because of the content of the video. I have some interesting effects lined up, but can always use them on something else. Though in the end the message was positive.. it was hard to work on something like that. I didn't want to just have me standing around singing. I dunno.. after a while I just realized there are things I want to do and I couldnt do them in that type of video because of the nature of the content.

Recently I been working on a lot with After Effects. Just learning the in and outs of it. Learning what all the effects do and how to use them.

The project I recently mentioned I still have high hopes for and it goes with a lot of what I'm doing. Once I get done with fooling with After Effects I will take a step back and decide what direction I will go in. I been getting a TON of ideas just just messing with After Effects, though.

There is also one other thing I'm messing with here... which I might reveal here soon.


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