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Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing this because I care..

Yesterday, I noticed that a link to my blog was removed from the Stripped and teased blog. So in a knee jerk reaction I removed all blogs from my blog. I had plans to edit them anyhow..and have since added some back.

Then thinking about it.. it really wasn't so much the removal of my blog, but it was something else that got me upset.

Thing is this.. I have a lot of respect for Serenity Juneberry. If anyone should be the face of SL Porn, I think it should be her. She is really a nice person and sometimes too nice! She makes great movies.. comes up with creative things like 3D movies and the blockbuster thing where he show what movies were the most watched during a week. (which she no longer does because of view boosting) She is willing to help you out with technical movie stuff or just second life stuff in general. Runs her own club and it don't look like Bots R Us.

Now she is blogging for Emanuelle Jameson aka Aprille Shepard. This is the part that bothers me.. and here is why.

I think Serenity could do everything Emma does and so much more. I see this as a horizontal (maybe even a step back) not forward move for her. It's sort of like Serenity is the great song writer, who is now writing songs for well... a much lesser talent and that bothers me... because she deserves better and more, but because she is so nice, she wants to help... problem here is who she is helping.

Let's face it Serenity is everything the Emanuelle Jameson avatar could never be, but wants to be, but Serenity don't have the desire to be bigger than life. While the Emma avatar wants that so bad... 

I got in SL after watching some of Emma's movies at the Keyhole club.. looking back at her body of work now.. I wonder what I saw, really. The more I think about it.. I think it was the venue.. this theater showing these movies. not so much the movies.. I thought it was sorta cool.

There are some quality stuff.. Perfect Stanger, La Cagna Ricca..

I want Candi is overrated... and way over boosted. This movie could of used some adjusting on the pose balls.. badly. Then there are all those movies with the "When Harry Met Sally" soundbite.. which get annoying after hearing it a few times.

Nothing blew me away... I recall before La Cagna Ricca was released the Emma avatar told me "people are going to copy this movie. "

I'm sorry, i don't think they have... and I wasn't that impressed with it to start. I guess like Sultrina, they way she talked about it I expected so much more.. and well, whoop de doo...

Facts are this... the addition of others to Emma's blog was much needed... It was stale with the same old stuff over and over. Her hyping the same people over and over.. if they deserved it or not. It became rather predictable.If Ruff Brocco made a movie.. in a day or two it would be on her blog. If Krystal was in a movie it would be on her blog the next day. It came to a point the reviews on the movies where like Groundhog day.. different movies same review.. almost as if you knew what she was going to say before she said it. 

So she goes out and gets a handful of others to help and for the most part they bring something to the blog.

Reading Serenity's movie reviews compared to Emma's is like going from Popov Vodka to Grey Goose. The director's spotlights are also a joy to read and can tell she really tries to put a professional spin on it.

The Real life porn thing is basically just to get blog hits. Don't believe me? try it. Embed a real life porn video to your blog and write a couple of sentences with who is in it. I'm not that hard up for cheap blog hits to do it myself.

Jinx's photos and Pornstar profiles are a interesting addition, but my suggestion is change the questions up.. people are giving the same answers to the same questions.

In the end... these people were brought in to keep the name of Emanuelle Jameson in the news... because well, it's been a while since she had a movie... after all back in December she was sending notices out like crazy hyping this movie and making 10 sec trailers... yet her we are in June... I don't see it.

Now we have five others blogging on her blog and for the most part have more interesting stuff to add then she does, yet even though it seem like more of a community blog yet it's still called Emanuelle Jameson's second life. About SL Biggest Porn star. (don't laugh)

So Emma Shepard.. why don't you step out of the spotlight.. or at least move over and allow the others who are basically helping you make your blog more interesting and change the name of your blog to something that more represents the group as a whole, while leaving your name out of the title.  If this is not another silly attempt to make your name larger than life.. you will. Can your ego handle it? This is a test.


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