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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Curiosity didn't kill this cat

I was a little curious about some things so I sort of did some web surfacing. As I have said in the past, when I got into SL porn I always wondered how some of these movies got the views that  they did. It wasn't until after my third movie, Sinderella, it actually hit me people might be fudging the numbers.

Yes, call me slow or whatever... but the thought never entered my mind prior to that. I guess I never saw what you got out of it. No money, not more exposure over the entire internet. Just a fake sense it makes your movie look like it's something to watch to a small audience you comes across Naughty Machinima or Naughty Bitch Machinima.

So some people say SL Porn used to be great. Let's jump in a time machine and look to she how great it was.

Let's look at the movie I want Candi by Emmanuelle Jameson. This had to be during the peak to the golden days of SL Porn. (just prior to my arrival)

Taking information straight off her own web site. This movie had 2,000 views in one day. 5,000  views in one week! Yes, I said 5,000 views in one week. LOL It ended up reaching 10,000 in around two months.

The movie is ok, nice song and concept... but nothing special. Hell, the poses balls on a few of the sexual positions could of been adjusted.  Number just don't add up, then again in ***The Pornstars*** group that didn't matter then.

So La Cagna Ricca is released after a huge build up. Naughty machinima is down, but it hits 1,0000 views on Naughty Bitch in 10 days. The reasoning? Madame Aprille's Shepard's enormous popularity according to Emma.

Enormous Popularity? Aprille Shepard has a movie on Naughty Machinima which is rated 2 stars with 7 votes cast. I wouldn't exactly call that they second coming of Bieber Fever.

Crunching the numbers
Naughty Machinima - 13,844 views combined (180 days)
Naughty bitch - (currently) 4775 views with the numbers re-set.
18,419 views over 180 days = So this movie is averaging currently 102 views a day and that not counting the 57+ days it acquired views on Naughty Bitch prior to the views re-set. 
So it lost 57+ days of views.

So add 100 views over 57 days you have this movie at 24,000+ views. 

The movie could very well be averaging 160+ views a day if you account for the missing views it lost on Naughty Bitch,

24,000 views I bet you couldn't find a 1/4 of the amount of that number in people who could tell you who Emmanuelle/Jennnna Jameson was.

Seriously these are some gaudy and unbelievable numbers when you have them in front of you. Like the Pornstars group has 1,000 members. Technically it might, but how many haven't even logged in Second life in 2011 yet? How many are alts. See the slight of hand? It might have 1,000 people in the group but nothing close to 1,000 active members, but when you read something like that you sort of believe it.. sort of like I did when I first joined the Porrnstars group.

Then again when you are claiming to be SL Biggest Porn star you have to wonder how much is that smoke and mirrors? Seems like a lot.

I mean to make such a claim... is a little vain, but numbers like these make it seem like everyone in Second life knows who you are... which believe me is NOT true.

I'm not trying to discredit what she has done. Gratz on your relief for japan. but the extent you have gone to sell yourself...  takes away from your work.

I didn't make these numbers up (well the projections are best guesses) these are all numbers which are facts. If you go to a book store there are two areas. Fiction and Non-Fiction. They are labeled accordingly so you don't confuse one for the other.  Maybe that's what Naughty Machinima needs is a section like that.


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