"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Veni, vidi, vici

The last few weeks I have had a few people contact me in world that I have never spoken two. They recently have got into SL porn and after chatting with them they came away with a different opinion of me then they started. It appears there sort of is a smear campaign going on. Someone going around with a bunch of gossip which is filled with lies they made up. 

So Scooby Mode has made a video whining about me. The voice and what they are talking about on screen don't even match LOL - another great edit by Scooby. So I watched this video and laughed at what he was claiming. Then video ended and I stepped out for a bit (I ran up to the store to pick up a few things) I returned and I thought someone was in my house. As it turns out the video was over but the audio wasn't. This putz went on and on for I don't know how long crying about me. LOL. 

About three weeks ago Scooby wrote a bunch of lies on his blog andI responded with the following post of mine: first-round-knockout. There is absolutely no facts backing is allegations, but as you can see I provide source and links proving he was full of shit. What happened? He took his post down as I made him look like a fools. (which ain't hard) 

Scooby claims he always tells the truth. Well, if you lie all the time sometimes where the lies start and the truth ends all blurs together. 

Lie #1 -  In his little video he says I sent him 50 messages on NM. What he fails to say is for everyone one I sent he sent 3. 


Lie #2 - He rates my movie a 1 dropping it from 5 stars to 4. I then proceed to return the favor to his latest laggy piece of shit and write him telling if you keep rating my movies a 1 and I will return the favor. He claims it wasn't him and tells me to check his playlist. (really hard to delete a movie from your playlist) Yet, the dumbass that he is let's it slip he knows that my video was a slide show video. How did he know this if he didnt watch my video? Can someone be this dumb? Have you met Scooby?

Lie #3 - Admits to faking a disability to get a monthly check so he can sit home on his ass on SL all day. 
Scooby says" I drawed a disability check if you really want to know, that isnt something i talk about, and no im not disabled that is why they took it away"
Lie #4 - After throwing a tandrum and quitting the pornstars group he puts on his blog that Serenity Juneberry cheated not once, but twice and with my help on the online poll. 

Lie #5 -  Claims I stabbed Serenity Juneberry in the back by reporting her video to Blip.TV. When a month earlier I pointed out to her that her video was showing up in the Blip.tv search

Lie - #6 - Claims I give everyone on Naughty Machinima a 1 star rating. LOL. Is this the best you could come up with? This is your great plan to turn everyone against me? LOL Seriously, this is something a 12 year old would think is a great plan. Then to mention Pixie Rain by name claiming I rated her movies a 1. 

LOL - I recently blogged her movie Showdown and I think I was the first to blog her videos way back in Oct.  Back then when I came across her videos I metioned them to Serenity Juneberry, Alyssa Drechler and Emeelee Ember. A few of her movies are in my favorites on NM.

Lie # 7 -  I already admitted the avatar Brady Neiro is one I was borrowing to film movies. Yes, the avatar is still in the Pornstars group and I will remove it soon. Scooby claims I use it to stalker people every day in the Pornstars group. Hmmm... there is two things wrong with your lie. First off, it says the last time someone logged into that account in the group.  Secondly, through the group you could see when someone is on the account. I haven't used the avatar since I filmed "Happy Hour" but I sure as hell know nobody is on it everyday "stalking people". LOL

Lie #8 - Claims he has never cheated on his movie ratings, but admits to having four accounts (but it was a lot more than that) Yes, we are supposed to believe his movies are in the top rated because people loved them some much. lol. Please, I know some of my movies are there because of all his fake accounts voting against my movies. 

Then again if you are willing to fake a disability, why wouldn't you fake views and ratings for a machinima movie?

Lie #9 - Claimed this Jack guy was in my movie. Which one? Name it? No he was in your movie "The Naked Detective" 

Lie #10 - Claims I said I Don't care about rating of views. Nope, I said I don't care about ratings, comments or reviews about my movies. 

I don't IM people telling them to watch, comment, rate my movies. I don't tell people to follow my blog. It's all up to them, unlike you who will try anything to get someone to rate or comment on your movie... I just have one question? How do all their asses taste?

 Lie #11 - Scooby claims he found the picture in the RL section of my profile on Yahoo and Photobucket

Scooby says "Yeah I am really fat when I have a rl pic on secondlife showing off my body, and have the same pic in 3 different angles lmao!!!!!!!!!! can you say 6pack? I know its hard for you to get things through your head because your slow lol~ look at my rl pic sometime hahha!!!! Hell, next time I will even make a little sign that says my name beside my body, sure I am really fat rayven lo............. everybody in the world is laughing at you now haha for calling me gay and fat. You are the one thats fat using a fake fucking picture i found on yahoo and photobucket lol! 

Guess what happened when I asked him to produce these links to these pictures? Oh course he couldn't. Still can't he said he had to find it again LOL. Then to claim you have a six pack? Maybe you drink a six pack sitting on your fat ass all day. Please go ahead and take another RL picture of yourself like you said you could and hold up a sign that says Rayven is a bitch.. prove everyone. Of course you can't do that either lol.

Lie # 12 -  Claims he does not boost the views on his videos, but has one that has 16,000+ views now LOL and claims the actress put it on some very popular web site. lol. Yea, if that was the case everyone on youtube, Naughty machinima, Blip.tv would be using it.

Unforgettable movie on NM 3,186 views on Naughty Bitch 3,169 views. They almost have the same amount of views LOL. Even with NaughtyBitch seeing a lot less traffic. Neither of these movies are featured on either site LOL. Sure Scooby, we believe you don't boost your movies. Seriously LOL

Lie #13 Now he is claiming he didn't have the alt detector it was a friend. When a month ago, he claimed he had an alt detector. Funny how that story changes.

He whined about by movie "President Rayven Speaks" about the edit. How basic it was.. and doesn't know how I used the lip-sync. LOL.
Well, genius.. I didnt shoot it through Fraps. It's a snapshot through the Phoenix viewer and I animated the talking through a editor. Something you could NEVER do

Then he cried about my post about shadows and it not playing a major role in real life movies. Claiming I couldn't use shadows.. 

Was there a oil spill on the beach while this was being filmed or is this some type of horror video. Attack of the black ooze?

Wow look... my shadow is transparent. Kind of sad that someone has the best computer out of anyone and yet can only provide average results. Money well spent. 
Then to show Scooby Mode has ZERO and is a first class asshole. He made the follow comments over and over...

(talking about my Grandmother) hope you die seriously the same way she did, no one would care and we would all be happy, you need to fucking stop, and go awya.

God, i should make a movie! scooby fucks rayvens grandma... lets go back in time and fuck her I bet i would make her more happy than her little self procllaimed bitch could, who is a low life and uses her as a fucking shield which is sickening

Grandma is calling you now, go be with her lol, i am really sure she was well respected NOT! after seeing a granddaughter who is nothing but a compelte lying bitch 

I must have fucked your grandma a little to rough, she is rolling over LMAO!
 Yes, Emma, Aurora, Quinn you all must be very proud to have someone like this as your friend. 

For the record, what he said didn't effect me like he thought it would. My Grandmother, is the best women I know and will always be #1 in my heart. This asshole couldn't say anything to change that. I know she is in a much better place. Hell, any place without Scooby is much better. I am just posting this to show the lengths this asshole will go and how classless he is.

I mean he is claiming I'm using my Grandmother as a shield. Let's get your facts straight asshole. I dedicated a NON-PORN video I made to her, because it reminded me of her. Musical artists, book writers do it all the time. You are the one who keeps bringing it up, not me. Stop being such a whiney little bitch and stand up to your cheap lame tatics.

 Finally, he got really pissed off when I kept asking him over and over to produce these pictures he found on Yahoo and photobucket so he started throwing around the "N" word.

Scooby says "you ignorant nigger is it the final blow yet? .... lol"

"Just shut the fuck up you fuckign idiot, gee lol, I told you retarded nigger ass that I didn't boost the video nor did ruff, Aurora I am unsure about"
Whole lot to be proud of if you are this guys friend, which he claims is everyone LOL
 Facts are this - It's called Second life for a reason, but what if you don't have a first life?
  • He has no job... was collecting a check for a fake disability
  • He lives with his parents - no bills
  • Is on second life all day every day
  • Made two SL Porn machinima on Christmas day (enough said)
  • Spent his 21st birthday on St. Pattys day crying about how many times I logged into NM.
Truth hurts...

I dedicate this song just to you Scooby!


  1. LOL - So owned! LOL - I'm loving it. Make a voice video bitching about me and you can HEAR the anger and frustration in your crackling little voice. Hell, you had a hard time reading something YOU wrote LOL. Get hooked on Phonics. http://www.hookedonphonics.com/

    Best part had to be you crying about me mentioning your disability when you told me about it. LOL - it was supposed to be classified. ROFLMAO - Yes, but it's ok for you to say something about a decreased family member of mine.

    You are just a whiny little kid. Momma boy. Six pack LOL. I think you have watched too much Jersey Shore. I could have sworn I saw a situation poster on your bedroom wall.

    So sad. The more you make these dumb voice videos rambling on, the worse you look.

    Everyone clear out here comes another Meltdown!

  2. Hi Rayven.

    Just wanted to thank you for your long-term support of my work, going back to my earliest films.

    When I was receiving only 20 to 30 views, your encouraging and supportive comments were cheering and, in fact, were the only comments I was receiving at that time!

    I was proud and pleased you blogged 'Showdown'. Again, thank you.