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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Princess Newbie Fashion Report

I hit the newbie stores to find out what's hot this spring in newbie fashion. Here is what happened. 
This guy right here was at freebie galaxy and was about the only one who would rez. I asked him what's in this season and he said Necko was in and everything else is out this season.

Then I ran into this naked women. She obviously didn't care for this year's newbie fashion styles as she was naked and protesting. She even refused to talk about it.

Then I TPed to my third store and a vampire wanted me to join their group.

[11:03]  Rafe Daxeline: hi
[11:03]  Rafe Daxeline: would u like to be a vampire?
[11:05]  Rayven Baily: What are the benefits of being a vampire
[11:05]  Rafe Daxeline: its fun
[11:05]  Rafe Daxeline: u get to join a whole community
[11:05]  Rayven Baily: can I fly
[11:06]  Rafe Daxeline: yes but just like u can now lol
[11:06]  Rayven Baily: do i get super strength
[11:06]  Rafe Daxeline: how old are u? above 18?
[11:06]  Rayven Baily: do i have to be 18
[11:06]  Rafe Daxeline: u should be
[11:07]  Rayven Baily: do i get a coffin to sleep in
[11:08]  Rafe Daxeline: um if u want to buy one
[11:08]  Rafe Daxeline: i think your to young hon
[11:08]  Rafe Daxeline: srry
[11:08]  Rayven Baily: No please I want to be a vampire
[11:09]  Rafe Daxeline: im srry to young hon
[11:10]  Rayven Baily: please I really want to be a lame vampire
[11:19]  Rayven Baily: so when do i get to go to the vampire mansion
[11:19]  Rafe Daxeline: srry hon your to young
[11:20]  Rayven Baily: how many years old in vampire years must i be
[11:23]  Rayven Baily: it can it just be our secret I wont tell anyone.
[11:26]  Rayven Baily: so when are we leaving for the vampire castle

So after I got rid of that annoying vampire I continued with my Fashion Report.

I came across this interesting thing. He seemed to be on the cutting edge of Newbie fashion this year. 
Then this guy shows up. So I inform him what he was wearing was so 2010 and he needs to get some new threads. 

I notice this girl was tearing it up on this table. So I went over to find out what people are wearing this spring
[11:19]  Rayven Baily: wow you have some moves
[11:20]  daisylover: lol im new and trying to change my clothes
[11:20]  Rayven Baily: oh yea why?
[11:21]  daisylover: idk. just cuz. :)
[11:21]  Rayven Baily: Oh I was going to ask you how fashion Im doing a article and wanted your opinion
[11:22]  daisylover: ok shoot
[11:22]  Rayven Baily: what's in this spring? Is bling it or out
[11:23]  daisylover: bling is always in
[11:23]  Rayven Baily: Great what else is in this spring?
[11:24]  daisylover: not really sure. lol
[11:25]  Rayven Baily: Where can I get some bling I want to be in style
[11:26]  daisylover: idk. im new

So bling is in this year! Again!

This guy was covered in bling
[11:27]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): hello
[11:27]  MaximPetrinkov's Google Translator: hello
[11:27]  Max (maximpetrinkov): Good, how r u ?
[11:28]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): wow max you have a great newbie style
[11:28]  Max (maximpetrinkov): ty (Company)
[11:28]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I heard bling is in this year is that true max?
[11:29]  Max (maximpetrinkov): Bling is always in! loool
[11:29]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I need to get some then
[11:30]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): You know where I can get some bling shoes and some bling teeth
[11:30]  Max (maximpetrinkov): Idk, have you looked here?
[11:31]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): No, first time here. I usually dont wear newbie clothes but I heard all of second life is going retro

He must of got wind there was another freebie sale somewhere because he TPed out.

Then I came across this women. She had to be a model or a cross dresser as she was like 9 feet tall.
[11:33]  Rayven Baily: hey stop
[11:33]  abxazzett: wats up
[11:34]  Rayven Baily: hi Im doing a sl fashion article I wanted your feedback
[11:34]  Rayven Baily: I heard bling is in is that true it seems you have a lot of it
[11:35]  abxazzett: ah ok
[11:36]  Rayven Baily: how is the weather up there?
[11:36]  abxazzett: fine today was sunny day
[11:36]  abxazzett: :)
[11:37]  Rayven Baily: so i heard newbie clothes are making a comeback in second life. The retro look is in. Do you agree or disagree with this statement
[11:38]  abxazzett: just agree)
[11:38]  Rayven Baily: Great. Where can I get some great bling like that?
[11:40]  abxazzett: i dont understand wats bling but i know some shops where u can buy freebie clothes do u mean that?

So for this year Bling is back in (again) what else is new other than that I couldn't tell you.

I'll check again to find out what these newbies will be wearing to the beach in the coming weeks.


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