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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby needs a diaper change

The last month or so I have had a few people contact me in Second life telling me they like my movies. They also said they couldn't understand why they were rated as low as 3's.

Well, I went on Naughty Machinima and in the comments area of my movies I left a reason for this. That my movies were 5 star rated at one time, but someone went and created a bunch of fake accounts rating them a 1.

Which is 100% the truth. Look at the number of ratings of some of my movies.. I don't kiss enough ass and hang out in pornstars chat begging people to watch it to get that many any other way.

So guess what? Scooby Mode went crying to Muze about what I put in the comments section of my own movie. the TRUTH. lol

Wow, really.. what a little baby. Can someone change him please I think he went poopie.

Speaking of which Scooby Mode ran away with the Meltdown of the year contest. Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson didn't stand a chance.

In honor or his victory and him just being a overall jackass.. I give you this video. I made this about 3 week ago one day. I was planning on making a 22 minute movie with voice over and send it to Comedy central.. but I have other plans and wasn't my time on this putz in the end is not worth it.

This here was going to be the start of the next scene.. Scooby's room with his super computer. Karate Kid poster and his Situation shirtless poster. 


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