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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breaking news: Time travel is possible

 I found something interesting today as I was re-installing software on my computer after I did a clean re-install.

Back in the fall, Ivori Faith interviewed Emmanuelle Jameson. Something in that interview just never really sit well with me which was this..

Her decision to model her SL life after the biggest name in RL porn came from a very unusual place "I was watching Oprah and Jenna Jameson was talking about her book. I was literally watching TV with my laptop in my lap, scrolling through last names as she was talking....and Jameson came up. I thought it would be funny to have a pornstar name

First off, if I recall before they started the Resident last name thing, you had to enter a first name first, before getting a list of last names. (this could of changed but...)

Jenna Jameson appeared on Oprah in Nov of 2009, Emma's second life account was created on 10/27/2007. Does she have some type of time machine to go two years into the future watch the interview and come back to the year 2007 to make an account?

well it worked for a while at least....like the views on her movies which defy logic and actually traffic of Naughty Machinima and Naughty Bitch,  this sort of defies the laws of physics.Something leads me to believe this person is not what they claim or who they claim. 

I have my opinion on a few things.., but I'm not about to go Charlie Sheen here. Once again, I will say this person does do good her and there... but it appears there are skeletons in their closet. 

I will just say there is more than meets the eye. 

This post has been edited to add the following... it's too good not to post. 
 Like I have said in the past Scooby likes to post annoymous on blogs hiding his name making comments. He posted on Aurora's blog and she said it was him and he continued to deny it. I'm pretty sure he posted on his own blog anonymous and replied to his own post lol.

So Scooby posted on my blog. Since he spammed it several months back one day all his stuff goes in the Spam folder. 

Click to enlarge...

To sum up the posts he is proud to have been voted the biggest Meltdown of the year! Then claims there is no proof he rated my movies a 1. When that's another lie, because after he rated one of my movies with his main account then with two of his fake accounts. I posted the names of the two additional accounts in the comments section of my movie and Muze deleted the accounts LOL. Oh course he was dumb enough to log into them back to back to back to make it easy to prove they were him. He then starts crying about "his Project X movie" lol. I had a post back on March 11th titled Project X. (since this guy cant compete he just tries to mimic me) So he claims I pay people now to spy of him ROFLMAO. Like your life is that exciting LOL. He claims I stole his Karate Kid movie idea and put it in my Second Life Park video. LOL. I made that video back on March 10th. I guess I used Emma's time machine for that. 

Second post is an anonymous person siding with Scooby LOL. If you notice the misuse of the word wonder and they use wander in both posts LOL. Also the word hypocrite pops up. Scooby's favorite word since I taught him it several months ago. Notice it's also in the spam folder LOL.

Wow you have to be pretty pathetic to respond anonymously siding with yourself. The numbers of ways this PUTZ keeps making a fool of himself does not cease to amaze me. Someday I'm going to tell my grandchildren I met the biggest dumbass on the planet earth.

A new poll is up who would win a spelling bee, Sling Blade, Forrest Gump or Scooby Mode.


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