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Friday, April 1, 2011

Music or Voice

Been doing some thinking...

Last week I bought a head set and mic and so far it hasn't paid off. Really I haven't used it.There are some people to claim adding voice is the way to go in SL Porn Machinima. An if you don't, well you have something to hide.. well.. only if you are not one of the people's asses they are trying to kiss.

I basically got into SL Porn Machinima because I saw Emmanuelle Jameson movies at Keyhole club. I thought she did a good job of picking music to go with the content of the video. I have always been a big fan of music and it was this combination that drew me to the community.

All my movies with the exception of Flight club, President rayven speaks  and Gone Fishin' have been basically written around a song in mind. Gone Fishin' was actually was footage cut from Rayven and Serenity sexcellent adventure.

Justin Love - Justin Bieber
Dommaidatrix - Lifestyles of the rich and famous
Sinderella - Unpretty and Red light special - TLC
Dick in a box - Dick in a box SNL skit
Rayven and Serenity's sexcellent Adventure I - I'm on a boat
Rayven and Serenity's sexcellent Adventure II - Novemember Rain
Who Knew - Who Knew
Happy Hour - Blame it - Jamie Foxx
Seducing Santa - Santa Baby
School Daze - All day i dream about sex

Some SL Porn Machinima with voice is well done.. but I think overall on a whole it's still has room for improvement. You maybe LOVE videos with voice.. well I like videos where the director takes times and effort into what they shoot and show in their films.

which means trying to adjust the avatars on the pose balls. Smooth animations and video. No penis through women's head, stomachs and backs. Hair not piercing through body parts like a Ninja's sword (yes it happens, but can be limited)

I will take a Professional edited video with music that adds to the movie experience over a bad edited - average voice over, laggy  film any day.


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