"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ah, Rats!

Any of various long-tailed rodents resembling mice but larger, especially one of the genus Rattus.
2. Slang
a. A despicable person, especially one who betrays or informs upon associates.

 This is a story about two rats, Harlee and Aurora. Both couldn't help but put blame on each other and tell me all about it.

Just to recap what happened. Last week I posted on my blog I was done blogging about Harlee Fallen. It became a full time job and it took me away from my photography. I was at a sim called "Busty chicks for black cock ghetto" (or something like that) people watching. Basically Harlee Fallen spawned in and shortly after Piggy aka Aurora Bentham spawned in.

Then shortly after that the sim owner (who looks like a crackhead, Little Jon) IMed me. Saying he didn't like drama, but that's exactly what he was starting. 

In fact all three of these clowns did just that started the drama. I was standing there minding my own business with no intention of blogging any of them.

A few days earlier Piggy (Aurora) said: "It was on both parts, I was neutral on the whole situation and just stayed out of it"

Bascially talking about the whole Harlee issue... which like I said I was done with. 
So here is the deal.. The other day like I said in the previous post I talked to Harlee I agreed to take down the post about them. They said they never got me banned. So they started to claimed it was Aurora would got me banned. They claimed Aurora would IM them telling them I was here or there. 
Harlee also claimed they were now friends with Deelite.. and like 10 minutes after saying that they were saying Deelite was crying in their IM box. LOL. - Anyone who is friends with Harlee... you have to be really desperate for a friend. 

So after Harlee spilled his guts about Aurora and others... I IMed Piggy and told them what Harlee said and blogged their lying ass. 

The next day Harlee IMs me saying Aurora in crying in her IM box cause I blogged them.

 [10:36]  Aurora Bentham: yep, and she blogged me. Thanks alot
 [10:39]  Harlee Fallen: Well tbh my shit was over with her but for some reason u wanted to rehash it everytime she showed up, like as if you were instigating...and well that wasnt cool so i just told her ...for someone who wanted to stay neutral you sure did try extra hard to get her banned
 [10:40]  Aurora Bentham: I was not the one who went to duke about the whole thing. He asked me to show him logs after you told him.
 [10:40]  Harlee Fallen: i never over to 'fuck' him to have her banned...as soon as he brought that shit up i was like i really dont give a fuck do what u want
 [10:41]  Harlee Fallen: thats why he banned me
 [10:41]  Harlee Fallen: and again i never told him to i.m her he did that shit on his own because he's a fuckin loser and a drama queen
 [10:42]  Harlee Fallen: as far as i am concerned my shit with her is over, w/e i've said i've always said it to her face
 [10:42]  Harlee Fallen: i didnt i.m her like a fuckin pussy pretending lik
 нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): e i didn have anything against her
 [10:43]  Aurora Bentham: I barely said one word to her. And it was way before she found out about getting banned
 [10:43]  Harlee Fallen: and why did u i.m her?
 [10:43]  Harlee Fallen: u wanted her banned as much as anyone
 [10:43]  Aurora Bentham: She actually always ims her
 [10:43]  Aurora Bentham: *me
 [10:43]  Harlee Fallen: so mute her
 [10:44]  Harlee Fallen: if its such a problem
 [10:44]  Aurora Bentham: I have not imd her or initiated it
Piggy has a bad concept of time as you will see. She claims she IMed me way before I got banned. What like two days before? LOL. 

Then Piggy claims I IM them all the time. I have spoken to Piggy like 5 times in the last year

1. They IMed me to say they are "neutral" prior to my banning.
2. I Passed them a link to my blog about her claiming Harlee was her best friend but Harlee was fucking her men. This is were I called them a doormat.
 3. Once cause she asked Serenity Juneberry to have me take her off ignore cause she wanted to talk to me. 
4. Once I saw her at Anaconda with that Million Dollar man guy she IMed me and said she was married and was going to have his baby. A week or so later, yea.. another failed partnership. 
5. Once when the bitch was calling me out in the Pornstars group.

So I IMed them, what twice? Once they asked me to do it. Yea, ok Aurora. I have had you on ignore most of the year. Keep making shit up. 

So then Aurora starts sending me stuff trying to throw Harlee under the bus in return. 
A conversation between Duke and Aurora

[2011/10/08 21:38]  Duke Lenroy: I have a bad connection can't tell
[2011/10/08 21:50]  Duke Lenroy: has this bitch rayven blogged about you too?
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Aurora Bentham: yes, its been going on for months with her. Like over 8 months
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Duke Lenroy: show me a link...I haven't found a thing about you
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Duke Lenroy: because I searched both of her blogs for your name and found nothing..I need evidence
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: hello?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: can you point me to the evidence?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Aurora Bentham: I found it
[2011/10/08 21:54]  Duke Lenroy: shoe me
[2011/10/08 21:54]  Duke Lenroy: show me
[2011/10/08 21:54]  Aurora Bentham:
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Duke Lenroy: I can't look at this shit I can't get involved
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Aurora Bentham: You asked me to show you
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Duke Lenroy: I know I did LOL
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Duke Lenroy: I know
[2011/10/08 22:02]  Duke Lenroy: it's like endless drama

So Duke claimed Aurora didn't mention me at all to him. UH, Hello.. you are fucking talking about me to her, dumbass. You see when duke brought up a post on my blog about Harlee which included Aurora.. I knew her fat ass was involved, unlike what she claimed.

Aurora goes on to say the following about Harlee:

[2011/10/14 11:06]  Aurora Bentham: Its fine though harlee screwed me over twice already and people said she would do it again and not to trust her. So its the truth.
[2011/10/14 11:07]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): remember I called you a doormat?
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: Harlee is whatever, she backstabs anyone the moment she has a chance
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): you are just seeing that now?
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: no
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: because she did it twice
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: to me
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol - and you didnt see the conversartions with Max?
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: once when I was with fotios, she mad up chat logs to try and break us up
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: and would tp over to his place and keep getting ejected
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: And then with strom
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): so why is she your BFF? lol
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: oh she hasnt been in my profile for a long time
[2011/10/14 11:12]  Aurora Bentham: I dont even hang out with her. You should know that by going places
[2011/10/14 11:12]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): long time? what a week? lol

Tons of fun isn't even a good liar. They were hanging out with Harlee at the Ghetto sim last week standing by some guy dressed in a Nazi uniform who was mocking them.

She claims she hasn't been BFFs with them in a long while. I just posted about these two on my blog less then a month ago. Once again this fat bitch has no concept of time.

Finally, why would you be friends with someone who keeps fucking you over and talking behind you back? You have serious issues if you keep going back for more and more. 

[2011/10/14 11:14]  Aurora Bentham: lol I dont ask her to tp me or anything. She is just always there , I dont know why. And you know funny thing is Duke would of banned you in the first place and he asked harlee to suck his dick and she refused so he banned you and then her

Funny, Harlee claims Aurora always asks her for TPs and to hang out. Considering Aurora had in her profile a picture of the both of them and that Harlee was her BFF. I would think you would want to hang out with your BFF - sounds like another lie, Aurora. 

  [2011/10/14 11:29]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): show me where in any conversations I said to you I dont talk about you

 So this bitch is admitting they talk about me. LOL.

[2011/10/14 11:29]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): because there isnt any, so where have I lied
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): you said you were staying about of it with me and harlee you were neutral you werent lol.
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): duh
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): That was before if you read it
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): I said I 'stayed neautral' Meaning when you first blogged her
[2011/10/14 11:31]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): I didnt say I am staying neutral
[2011/10/14 11:31]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Oh so you were neutral up until that point when you IMed me. cause the way I took it you were saying you were always neutral
[2011/10/14 11:32]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): OH ok. so that was a warning that you were about to start shit when what i had between them was pretty much done

 This dumb bitch can't get her story straight. Fact was up until the point she IMed with with her "I'm neutral and staying out of this" BS I was done blogging about Fallen. I said it was over...

So then both Harlee and Aurora send me this conversation with Duke.

[2011/10/08 21:40]  Harlee Fallen: and its not even the good one
[2011/10/08 21:43]  Harlee Fallen: lol u should get duke
 [2011/10/08 21:43]  Harlee Fallen: to ban her ugly ass

Hmmm.. If I wasn't going to blog you anymore. Why would you talk about getting me banned?
 In fact here is the conversation to how this Duke guy even got involved by Harlee Fallen, himself

 [2011/10/08 21:32]  Duke Lenroy: hi nigger slut
 [2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe hello
 [2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen runs her nails down her blonde extentions
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Duke Lenroy: here for all the nigger dick?
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: uqh totally
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: but looks like my stalker
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: just tpd in

 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: so i'll be leaving
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: huh?
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: rayven baily
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: do you have her muted?
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: she's not saying anything at all in local...
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: for sure
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: like that never matters unfortunately...
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: well derender her if you want....she's not saying anything at all though
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: she hasnt blogged about me in a while
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: I don't know why you'd run
[2011/10/14 11:47]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): from someone like that
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: so just forget it
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: have u seen her blog?
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: its dedicated to me
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: no I don't think I have
 [2011/10/08 21:37]  Duke Lenroy: we could always get aurora and go up to my skybox for some fun
 [2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe sounds fun but i'm logging soon anyway
 [2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: gonna have to miss it
 [2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: that's too bad
 [2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: I was considering banning her
So once again if I said I was done blogging you, why are you telling this guy who 
1) admits I wasn't doing anything wrong in his sim Im stalking you. 
2) I was already in the sim when you TPed in. Get your fucking facts straight. 
3) Show him my blog and say im stalking you IF I said I wasn't going to blog you anymore. 

Guess what Harlee reasoning was? Aurora pointed me out in the sim. LOL. I don't care if Fat ass did or didn't when did you start taking orders from them? That don't mean you had to say anything or bring it up to Duke, but you did. Not only did you bring it up.. you called me a stalker. Lied, saying I just TPed in like I followed you. Pointed my blog out.. 

You, Sir, have nothing to cry about. Everything was brought on upon yourself by your own actions. You could of easily left like you said.. BUT you couldn't keep your fucking mouth shut. You are talking shit about everyone throwing others under the bus... yet you claim you are not going to talk about me? LOL - Yea, I believe that.. 

I recall you whining saying "you can't keep my name out of your mouth". Sir, that's exactly what you did when you went and ratted me out to Duke. 

So let's see 

Duke "Little Jon" Lenroy - Lied saying he never talked to Aurora about this stuff or was she involved. Started drama with me in an attempt to fuck two hoes who would fuck just about anyone.. yet he failed. Lied claiming I posted his name and the name of his sim on my blog so he banned me. Simply, he is a coward. No big deal seriously I'm banned. IF I ever wanted to hang out at a Urban sex sim I would go to Hard Alley anyhow.. the Original and first sim of it's kind not a fucking cheap ass rip off which is half the size. 

Aurora "Piggy" Bentham - Liar. Bitch needs a watch and a calender. Serious relationship issues.. looking for real love on second life even though they claim their RL is great. Would friend anyone who wants to walk all over them and treat them like shit. You need someone to kick around for a while IM Aurora. 

Mr. Hallen Fallen aka, harlee bilavio, harlee cavalieri, jessicaa ohmai, harlee olivieri, harue fallen, kenzie cisse, kimber rhys, and quinn voir.  Pathelogical liar.. who claims Aurora is Fake. LOL, what the fuck about you is real? You are a male pretending to be a women. You pretend you are from the USA while you live in the UK. You are the LAST person who should call anyone fake. If anyone wants to know more out this psychopath.. check out theflawlesstruth. Yes it's back and will never come down. EVER


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