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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I met a Jellyfish in second life....

This is going to be good...

So as I mentioned on the flawlesstruth Mr. Harlee Fallen TPed in a sim I was in yesterday and shortly after the owner of the sim IMed me. Well, someone went back on there word... so I'm not protecting the "innocent" any longer.

The sim was Busty Sluts for Black cock ghetto - the person who IMed was Duke "I have no spine" Lenroy. AKA Mr. Jellyfish. So I been banned...

Let me say I won't miss it and here is why. This sim is basically a parking lot for avatars with a few sex pose ball here and there. 45% is populated by Barbie wannabes who all wear the same hair and attire.. with the same profile. The other 45% are guys with Black avatars (mostly white guys in RL) trying to fuck these Barbies. (who I'm sure half are white guys themselves) 10% are the freaks. I basically dropped in a few times to check out the freaks.. I never had any intention on fucking anyone there or being a dumb fucking barbie.

So Duke the Jellyfish IMs me shortly after Mr. Harlee Fallen and his short and stocky friend Aurora  Bentham show up.


[2011/10/08 21:28]  Duke Lenroy: welcome to the ghetto
[2011/10/08 21:29]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): ty
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: what brings you here?  ;)
[2011/10/08 21:41]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): people watching alot of freaks here
[2011/10/08 21:42]  Duke Lenroy: that's it just watching?
[2011/10/08 21:42]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): pretty muc why do you ask?
[2011/10/08 21:43]  Duke Lenroy: just curious...saw your blog...you're a bad bad girl ;)
[2011/10/08 21:44]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): why am i a bad girl?
[2011/10/08 21:45]  Duke Lenroy: blowing up people's spots and shit!
[2011/10/08 21:47]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol. yes, well alot of these people act like asses on second life like their shit dont stink. I just knock them off their high horse. I dont blog every person i run into on second life. lol
[2011/10/08 21:48]  Duke Lenroy: well this is a no drama sim
[2011/10/08 21:49]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Im standing here. I think you got some bad information. Ask anyone here if i did anything wrong. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty
[2011/10/08 21:50]  Duke Lenroy: I don't think I've made an accusation yet
[2011/10/08 21:50]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Sure you have you mentioned my blog as said this is not a drama sim
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Duke Lenroy: yes...that's not an accusation, that's more of a warning that I don't want anything like what's on your blog, to come form this place...and just because you are slient doesn't mean anything really
[2011/10/08 21:52]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Oh wow.... lol. sound like you are causing the drama. Im standing here.
[2011/10/08 21:52]  Duke Lenroy: no, you have a blog that's FULL of drama.
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: you in general, create shitloads of drama, even if at this moment, you are just standing here
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Really how is that? How am i creating drama standing here?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: if there was a mass murderer, that's killed people all over sl was here, telling me they were just standing there, I'd still have an issue...do you understand that?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: if charles manson was standing here, saying "what?  I am just standing?"  it's different
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: you don't get that?
[2011/10/08 21:55]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I have a question for you. Be honest. Have you seen Harlee Fallen blog? Did you see her flickr with her EXs real life picture of it calling him a two toned thug? did you give this person the same speach or because you fucked them and fucked aurora and she plastered it all over her flickr are they getting a different treatment?
[2011/10/08 21:56]  Duke Lenroy: I didn't see it...show me.
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: and harless has been banned, more than once, for bullshit
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: and aurora is a friend of mine
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: http://cravingrayven.blogspot.com/2011/09/friends-like-this-who-needs-enemies.html
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: you're right harless is no angel, she's on double probabtion
[2011/10/08 21:58]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): http://virtualbarbie.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-09-14T15%3A00%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7
[2011/10/08 21:58]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): look at wednesday sept 14th
[2011/10/08 21:59]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): her ex's real life picture on her blog. it was on her flickr but he reported it and it got removed
[2011/10/08 22:02]  Duke Lenroy: I can't read all this shit!  fuck you're right, I can't even get involved
[2011/10/08 22:02]  Duke Lenroy: just please don't pull the ghetto into your blogs...cool?  ;)
[2011/10/08 22:03]  Duke Lenroy: ok?
[2011/10/08 22:04]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): sure
[2011/10/08 22:04]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): thats all you had to say. See im not that bad
[2011/10/08 22:06]  Duke Lenroy: oh yes you are...I just can't be bothered to get invovled
[2011/10/08 22:08]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol.. I take it aurora is an angel?
[2011/10/08 22:08]  Duke Lenroy: it's not a contest!  but I am not aware of a blog of hers blowing people up
[2011/10/08 22:08]  Duke Lenroy: she didn't mention you at all to me, by the way
[2011/10/08 22:09]  Duke Lenroy: she didn't say one word
[2011/10/08 22:11]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): someone did. and if it was harlee. whatever I have did, she has done beyond that and more. Including copybotting, harassing her ex with 5 alts, paying people to make threats like hacking their accounts. all I did was expose this for all to see. Just like the news... people should be informed to who they are dealing with.
[2011/10/08 22:11]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/10/09 09:25]  Duke Lenroy: (Saved Sun Oct 09 11:00:45 2011)that's probably a very fair statement...sorry for the hassle

So I never mentioned this sim directly. I never used his name.  I mentioned a incident I was involved in. Yet as you will see Jellyfish can't read.

[21:59] Rayven Baily: I see that I'm banned now and may I ask why?
[22:00] Duke Lenroy: because you blogged about me without my permission.
[22:00] Duke Lenroy: you didn't know why?
[22:00] Rayven Baily: I did? where did I put you name at can you show me?
[22:00] Duke Lenroy: are you fucking kidding me?
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: http://theflawlesstruth.blogspot.com/?zx=f0c3b64f170ed724
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: it had details of a private discussion that I had with you
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: why the fuck are you asking me to show you your own blog?
[22:01] Rayven Baily: No I'm not. That's ok after I talked to you i told a few others how you approached me and what you said. these were all people who hang out on your sim guess what they said? I thought Duke was cool.
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: and I don't give a fuck it you took it down
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: it is NOT cool
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: I AM cool
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: to type my fucking name without my permission on your blogs
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: I even told you I agreed with you!
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: that you made a good point!
[22:02] Rayven Baily: where is your name? where?
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: I read it last night!
[22:02] Rayven Baily: your name is not on the blog
[22:02] Rayven Baily: LOL
[22:02] Rayven Baily: nowhere is your name no where is the sim name
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: you didn't talk about the owner of the ghetto agreeing with you?!
[22:03] Duke Lenroy: I agreed with you untilI was shown the blog
[22:03] Duke Lenroy: you weren't banned, and i told you that you made a good point!
[22:03] Rayven Baily: I didnt name the name of the sim I didnt say who said what. you said keep your sim out of it. I never said any names
[22:03] Duke Lenroy: and then you went and posted it
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: you referred to me and my si and a private conversation.  I do not play!  people showed it to me!
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: you should have talked to me first
[22:04] Rayven Baily: That's fine I'm banned. Not like I really do anything but people watch there. funny how harlee is on double probation and she/he has access but im banned.
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: I guess I didn't realize that I owe you an explanation
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: believe me I have one, and I don't like it, but how can I trust you now?
[22:05] Rayven Baily: I dont need permission to talk about my second life experience. I didn't use the txt transcript.
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: It's a pretty simple situation, that I am not happy with, but obviously you cannot be trusted
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: and you know what?  you're friends were right!
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: I AM cool
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: but you fucked with me
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: anyone will tell you I have one rule.
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: no drama in the ghetto
[22:06] Rayven Baily: Nahh you aren't cool. cause from the start you already had a opinion. You said you wanted no drama but you picked a fight with me from the start. How did I fuck with you. You are delusional
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: you are LOADS of drama
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: yes, you're right i did
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: you are nothing but drama
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: I am done here
[22:06] Rayven Baily: no drama? go back and read our previous converstion LOL

So let's see... Mr. Jellyfish wants no drama, but admits they picked a fight with me from the start. I was guilty before I said anything in their mind. They could of approached me and talked to me, but instead they wanted to talk down to me. Pass judgement on me before even saying a word.

Mr. Jellyfish claims I had his name plastered on the site with his sim name. Wrong, sorry... you can't read. I kept my part of the deal. An it wasn't like I was bashing you, I was talking about someone else... in a incident which was part of my second life. 

I never quoted you directly. I was talking about a incident and just happened to put it on my blog. So are you telling me, Mr. Jellyfish, that every conversation you have about someone you contact the person you are talking about first? LOL Seriously who are you fooling?

If that's the case then I wasn't contact earlier when you were clearly talking about me and my blog. So you break your own rules... 

Grow a pair... Mr. Jellyfish. You didn't want your sim attached to any bad PR. That was your choice... 

Why should I be fair to you when you don't want to do the same in return? You are whining and crying about something that never happened.  I guess you are too blind to see for yourself you just believe everything that is told to you. Sad... good luck going through life that way. I'm sure you will get far!
Who lost out? I got banned from a sim I see serves no real purpose in my second life.. your true colors were shown.  Then again, you have proven you can't read... so I'm sure Aurora and Mr. Harlee Fallen will tell you about this post and make up stuff.

It's pretty damn simple... just the facts, Jellyfish.  

This is the best part, Jellyfish. I can create an alt in less than five minutes and visit your sim and look at the freaks... But people won't forget what is written here. 

Now I see why you have a soft spot for Aurora... she sort of has a oopma loompa body type and you have that Black Willy Wonka look. 


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