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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Biggest Loser?

I came across these two yesterday Roman Godde and his "lover" Jeanne Sahara. To make a long story short I was sitting on a beach lounger and they wanted it. There were several other open loungers but they had to have the one I was on.

First off, the hoe... If that outfit wasn't free you got ripped off. The hair? Yikes... your shape? A body a 12 year old girl would of been proud of. Seriously, at one point she was dancing. It was some of the best freebie dance animations I have ever seen.. though it reminded me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. If only it had a brain.

So at one point this Roman guy asked me to move off the lounger i was sitting on.  I pointed out the other free loungers, but he had to have mine. An when I refused to give it up I was called "angry". lol. His little ugly creature would chirp in here and there like the sidekick of Jabbar the Hut in Star wars.

So these two losers decided they are going to bully me off the lounger. Roman jumps on the pose ball and the female stands by both trying to take control of the menu. This loser Roman starts crying that I'm stalking him. LOL. Um, you contacted me... you walked over to where I was and tried to bully me off my chair.. yea, I'm stalking you. Then he claimed he was a cop in real life and I would be arrested for cyber bullying.. oh yea I was also prank calling his house. LOL - Yea, this guy was pretty pathetic.

Wait it gets better... so this guy is partnered to another female. So I contact the other female today. I start hinting around at the relationship she is in.. next thing I know this "girl" says Hey it's Roman from last night LOL.

So this Roman guy starts talking through his fake alt partner. I mentioned how lame it was to make an alt and partner it. Then all of a sudden.. the story changes. They "live together" in real life and Roman just happened to enter the room and see the conversation. ROFLMAO. Yea, ok.

Then they point out the partnered female is from England so how can they be the same person? Well of course everyone know everything in sl avatar profiles is true *rolls eyes*

Hmmmm.. well then how can you share the same computer in two different countries bound by an ocean? LOL.

Seriously, I challenge anyone to find a biggest loser on second life than this Roman Godde, guy/girl. I mean when you partner yourself... how much worse can that be? pathetic!!


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