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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Viewer 3?

So today one of my friends said they were going to give viewer 3 a try for photos... what the hell so did I!

I have a laptop - never planned on playing second life prior to buying it. So my laptop has limits..

The following pictures are with viewer 3. They turned out well...it was very laggy and I really don't like the interface.

I tried Viewer 3 again and it didn't lag like earlier. Maybe it was the sim I was in. One thing I don't like is the envirment setting to change the windlight and sun. It's more complex then it needs to be.

These two pictures were taken with Kristens and it didn't lag as much as I recalled Kristens in the past.

The following was taken with Firestorm. I love Firestorm's interface.. but clearly the pictures lack depth. I love how easy it is to change windlight settings and all the windlight options. Though I find it very annoying it takes me forever for the mesh version of Firestorm to load.


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