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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog down.. Look what I found

 Recently I been trying to keep to myself, but sometimes you just have to go back and face old demons.. or in this case lying cry babies.

So last night blogger was down so I decided to do a google search of "cravingrayven". Bingo, this is what I found...

Your Blogs URL:  http://cravingrayven.blogspot.
Browser(s) used:

I have reported abuse on someones blog several times, and even for copyright infringement. Alot of others have reported this person's blog also for Hate against groups of people, even disability.
Not only that, but also violating other things such as personal information"private" also even violating TOS violations in other communtiy guidelines.
Apparantly the blog is a hate blog on a group of people that belong on the virtual game secondlife in which has it's own TOS "disclosing avatar information." The person has gone as far as personal attacks on someone, and others.

I for one can't stand blogs like this, and only hope they get removed, if anyone else can report abuse, or tell me how to get this blog taken down that would be nice, because I for one don't like to see my friend's and community attacked by this person.

Here is a link to their blog everyone, please give it a look and see what I am talking about......

Nice try, Scooby... seems your lies only got you so far...again.
1) Copyright Infringement? - What? Embedding a music video from youtube? Using musical artist songs in my videos? Oh, like you have. 
2) Hate - LOL, I guess the truth hurts... and I'm sure you and some of your friends don't like it. Then again, when someone robs a bank and gets caught... I'm thinking they are not exactly loving jail time. It's all cause and effect..
3) Hate against the disabled - Did I say something about Stephen Hawkins? Oh, you are talking about the fake disability you claimed you had so you can buy a new computer. You, yourself said they took it away because you were NOT disabled. 
4) Violating personal information - Like what? Stuff you told me about? Yet, prior to that is was ok for you to make comments about my deceased Grandmother.. over, and over, right?

5) Linden labs TOS.    LOL - OMG are you serious? This coming from the person who back in December sent out a private IM conversation between he and I in a notice in the Pornstars group. LOL. 
Of course your SL mommy, Miss Emma Shepard looked the other way.. and somehow levied me with a 1 month ban... I guess it does pay off to go to her blog kiss her ass every now and then. I just never learned that. BTW, Scooby.. you have something brown on your nose. 
I guess we all know now who got my movies booted from Blip.tv.  Mystery solved.I'm sure Linden Labs have a huge filing cabinet in their office just wth all your complaints about me.

So in further violation of the rules.. I leave you with this.My song to you.


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