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Friday, May 13, 2011

Slutrina is here!!

Yes, finally... I guess my Slutrina comic book got lost in the mail somewhere. So I got wind there was this great party tomorrow to show the greatest movie of all time! This is bigger than Harry Potter... bigger than Star Wars... bigger than Lord of the Rings.. bigger than Tomb Raider. This is the event of the year!

So I headed to this club Cinnabon. I love their cinnamon rolls.. but on this night nobody was selling any. When I got there they were just putting out a poster for Slutrina and there was no line!! Yes, I was first in line to see the greatest piece of Machinima every created. My lucky night...I figured with all the hype I would be way in the back. Nope... I'm first!

So I start asking questions about this Epic movie. I asked if the amount of people in the club increased because of this Epic movie.. the response was no.(believe me there weren't that many for a friday)

When I asked if I can camp out over night to be first in line to see this Epic movie.. the greatest movie of it's kind ever created. The hosts thought I was silly. They asked if I was "on something." My reply, "Yes, Charlie Sheen".

After all this is this the most amazing piece of machinima/movie footage every created. Why wouldn't I want to be the first to see it?

I guess the others at this club on this night weren't nearly as excited as me about the release of the Slutrina as I was! In fact most seemed disinterested.  I just couldn't understand why... This is a once is a second life time event!!!

They just didn't care for my enthusiasm for this work of art... they banned me!
I guess I will have to wait for the straight to DVD release...


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