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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chinese Democracy II

So about 4 years ago.. maybe 5. One late night I was just surfing on the internet... I'm not sure how I got to the web page but I came across this page which documented the behavior of Axel Rose after the break up of Guns N Roses. I stayed up longer than I wanted.. but it was worth it. I found his over egotistical, over obsessive behavior hilarious from all the information gathered by the owner of the page.

This is just some stuff...

There was a long list of people he fired from his new band. Managers.. and a list just about as long of all the people he tried to sue.

Geffen Records promises Axl a $1 million bonus if he delivers a new Guns N Roses album by March 1 of the following year.

Year after year the album was rumored to be coming out.. It was also rumored to have been redone 5 times.

Tour were scheduled and canceled. Shows were canceled at the last minute leading to riots.

12.06.02: Philadelphia First Union Center: On the night of the show, Guns n Roses cancels their scheduled concert around 11 p.m. Fans had been waiting for several hours for the show to begin. A spokesman claims one of the band member’s is sick. The fans riot. The media reports that Axl never left New York and that he was watching a basketball game on TV.

The band the Offspring at one point threatened to use the title Chinese Democracy for their album title, but backed down at the threat of being sued by Axel Rose who is always suing someone every year. I actually met in RL a guy who was friends with the lead singer of The Offspring. I asked him about it and he said (Dexter) thought it was funny... I said so did I. lol. 

March 2005: A New York Times article about Chinese Democracy titled “The Most Expensive Album Never Made” states that production costs have reached $13 million.

At one point Dr. Pepper announced it would give everyone in the United States a free soft drink if Axel Rose released Chinese Democracy 


Does this behavior remind you of anyone? Yesterday was supposed to be this huge event where everyone was treated to the "the most advanced SL machinima film ever created, combining an array of powerful directorial techniques, stunning visual effects shots, custom animations, sound effects and sound editing, and a dark, mysterious storyline with some breathtaking sexual scenes to boot."

Where is it?

I'm mean to boast something like that and not produce is rather embarrassing. Especially throwing a party for it. What were you thinking? Seriously... having a party for something that is delayed yet again? LOL. I guess some ego-stroking was needed.

I mean you have such high praise for your own work... shouldn't you let others decide how good it is? You haven't done anything in a sense.. but release a small trailer which wasn't that hard to make. Text wipe with a optical flare effects and color key and adding a different background. That's really it. Yet you can go boast your stuff is the best? Over others who have produced great work. It's really insulting to people like Serenity Juneberry, Rysan Falls, Tox Menges, Pixie Rain and many others.
Lesson #1 in machinima making.. figure out where you are going to upload the movie.. you would think you would of had that part figured out in the last 5 months. I guess when you are preoccupied with patting yourself on the back for such a job well done... you tend to forget things like that.

I for one can't wait to see it..that's if it ever does come out. The build up..all the claims. I pretty sure that this "movie" is more sizzle than steak.

With that said I must get back to my new movie project.. Sultrina! Keep and eye out for the party!

I leave you with a good machinima that actually did come out. man vs second life 2


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