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Friday, May 20, 2011

Napoleon vs Napoleon

So I came across these videos about a month and a half ago on Youtube. They are not machinima, but they are very well done. The series is called "Epic Rap battles of History". I want to give them a plug because.. well, I think they deserve it. Very creative, clever .. and funny. This is the latest and 9th in the series. 

This one is Napoleon Bonaparate vs. Napoleon Dynamite!

Past ones are
#1: John Lennon vs. Bill O'reily
#2: Hitler vs. Darth Vader
#3: Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris
#4: Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga
#5: Hulk Hogan vs. Kim Jon Il
#6 Beethoven vs. Justin Bieber
#7: Steven Hawkins vs. Albert Einstein
#8: Easter Bunny vs. Ganghis Kahn (worst one if you ask me)


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