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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

In the US, today is Memorial day. The day is supposed to be to remember all those who have died fighting in battle, but for most it means hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinking.

I will say I have been guilty of this in the past.. I'm not against war... I'm not against my country, but I'm against senseless deaths. Which got me thinking today. How much $$$ is a life worth?

George Dubbya Bush got us in this war in Iraq..and we are still in it. Why? Too much money to be made in Iraq. It's as simple as that.. if it was Greenland... we would of pulled out a long time ago. No money in sheep.

 My brother's friend is in the special forces of the US military. Every time he says he is done they throw more money at him to re-enlist. I mean very large up front bonuses.

Bush is no longer the U.S. President (thank Gawd) but I love this song and to those who have put their lives on the line in a foreign land.. thank you.


  1. Can we change the words "Dear Mr. President" to "Dear Politicians"? I think after the years apon years of crap they have put the US through, they all need to listen carefully to this song... preferably with 2x4s applied to their heads in time to the beat.

    I honor my beloved grandfather's memory,my brother, and my nephew today, who all served at some point in the US Navy (nephew is currently in Japan on duty). I am proud of my "squid lineage", but I am not proud of the places that the politicians have PUT my family (my brother served in Desert Shield/Storm).
    Thank you for the song:)

  2. It may seem like I watch CNN all day and have my face buried in the newspapers...but I don't. I just watch a lot of documentaries.

    Sure, all politicians are crooked. Bush was never elected President in his first term, he stole the election. (I'm not saying that because I love Gore either). Bush family made their money all through oil. They have strong connection to Saudia Arabia and even the Bin laden Family themselves. Bush's and their Saudia Arabia business partners made tons of money off this war. A war to find Weapons of Mass destruction which never existed.

    Then there is 911... Do yourself a favor one day look up 911 timeline. http://www.historycommons.org/project.jsp?project=911_project

    It's a collection of articles around the world about what happened before and after 911. To say the US government didn't or shouldn't have known is bullshit.