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Saturday, May 28, 2011

SL Machinima wins award at LA Movie awards

No and it wasn't the Sultrina!! Yes, I'm shocked too!! I was told that was the most advanced second life machinima of all time!

 A second life machinima called "Time Travelers" won a award at the Los Angeles Movie Awards. 


Time Travelers has won an Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards

Machinima and real–time animation took a huge step with the inclusion in the awards circle for film competition in the animation category. For this genre to be recognized as valid it has to stand head to head and shoulder to shoulder with more traditional forms of animation. As the ability to use story, character development and plot grows along side mastery of the genre, we are confident that we will see this great and breathtaking new medium continue to win awards as a graphic platform of its own, WITHIN animation categories.

It reminds me of one of those saturday morning kids cartoons but.. here it is...
The fight scene is really good though. Congrats on winnning

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  1. Yeah, very "Saturday Morning Kids Show"! Easy story, clear voice, simple images and familiar music and sounds.

    A nicely put together package, I thought, although not really my kind of genre or to my taste.

    Good to see machinima starting to go mainstream. Thanks for posting