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Monday, May 2, 2011

So Bin Laden is dead.

So they say... He could be... or maybe not. I will come out and say I don't believe everything the U.S. Government says is the truth. I'm a skeptic. I think Bin Laden is more of a myth now then a real man. Hell, like Santa Claus he could be played by several different people. If they really did get him... come on, you can't tell me they couldn't find this guy for the last ten years. It's not like he is hiding out in some tropical deserted island.

Seriously, ask yourself this.. if they would of got him right after 911 when the U.S. attacked Afghanistan would that give them just cause to attack Iraq? Yea, I forgot Saddam had weapons of mast destruction... which we never found.

I guess if Bin Laden is really dead then we should pull all our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and bring them home! Oh, we can't do that because in a few months there will be someone else who has taken over where Bin Laden left off and we must find him next.

Believe me, it's all about saving the rest of the world from Terror and nothing to do with oil! Then again, this couldn't of been better news for Obama.. he's acting like a president trying to get re-elected.

I mean Bush got re-elected again, wait.. nope.. got elected, he never actually won the first election.

I leave you with a final question. It's almost been 10 years since the Sept. 11th attacks on the World Trade center. How can they knock down and put up a new casino in Vegas in a few months, but take 10 years+ to build back the towers?


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