"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Princess does it again!

So I'm at a club dancing minding my own business and I get a IM from this jackass who feels he is some sort of Greek god or something. 

[2011/04/30 23:03]  Rile Tatham turned his head, looking towards the sexy woman across the room, looking her over, as he ran a single hand over his strong rippled abs, feeling the moisture run down it, as he slammed his body in and out to the beat of the music. He gave a half grin, as he mouthed the words across to her, "Hello sexy..."
[2011/04/30 23:04]  Rayven Baily: Hello and you are a smoke cloud
[2011/04/30 23:05]  Rile Tatham: Hmm let me do a rebake.
[2011/04/30 23:06]  Rile Tatham: Did that help?
[2011/04/30 23:08]  Rayven Baily: nope
[2011/04/30 23:08]  Rile Tatham: Awwe damn

I'm getting hit on by someone who is a smoke cloud. lol

[2011/04/30 23:19]  Rile Tatham: Awe.. You left.
[2011/04/30 23:19]  Rayven Baily: yea
[2011/04/30 23:20]  Rile Tatham: It's too bad you didn't get to see my bod. I make good Lindens with it.
[2011/04/30 23:20]  Rayven Baily: oh yea people pay good money to see a smoke cloud
[2011/04/30 23:21]  Rayven Baily: maybe i might have to come back and see for myself
[2011/04/30 23:23]  Rile Tatham: Does that look like a smoke cloud to you? ;)
[2011/04/30 23:23]  Rayven Baily: Lol not any longer
[2011/04/30 23:24]  Rile Tatham: I don't think I'd be a Sixx Pack dancer for over a year if I was a smoke cloud. ;) lol
[2011/04/30 23:26]  Rayven Baily: i dunno never heard of six pack dancers
[2011/04/30 23:27]  Rile Tatham: Really? Odd. Sixx Pack is actually the oldest still running male dancer club, with over 1000 VIPs, and good tips to this day. :P
[2011/04/30 23:28]  Rayven Baily: Oh great so you are trying to tell me you want to spend that hard earned money on me lol
[2011/04/30 23:28]  Rile Tatham: lol. What makes you think I want to spend any of it on you?
[2011/04/30 23:30]  Rayven Baily: cause you keep bringing it up
[2011/04/30 23:31]  Rile Tatham: Here is what I am offering. I take you to my place, fuck your brains out, don't pay your ass, and then never talk to you again. Does that work for you?
[2011/04/30 23:33]  Rayven Baily: I think you are a little too cocky. lol. I used to be a escort... I have/had sugar daddies. I make SL Porn. I fuck all the time. lol. You come off as gods gift. Hell, a six pack in second life is just buy a skin you dont have to do one sit up lol
[2011/04/30 23:36]  Rile Tatham: lol. All dancers I know are even more egotistical than myself. Honestly I know that there is a different attraction curve with SL than RL. Anyone with eyes can see that, but it's also clear that you seem to have the same view of yourself. To deny this would just be incorrect.
[2011/04/30 23:37]  Rayven Baily: Really? how do you figure Im not going around telling people how great I look and lets go fuck and after that I wont talk to you anymore lol

So he starts whining because I rejected him and bruised his fragile ego and he is still a smoke cloud. Finally he
 left.. I had a surprise for him I had the DJ play two songs from me to him. One was Pink - You and your hand. 

[2011/04/30 23:49]  Rayven Baily: hey where did you go
[2011/04/30 23:50]  Rayven Baily: come back hurry
[2011/04/30 23:50]  Rile Tatham: I crashed and relogged in my place.
[2011/04/30 23:51]  Rayven Baily: hurry back I have something for you
[2011/04/30 23:52]  Rile Tatham: You have been fighting with me all night, and now you want me to rush back to the club? O.o
[2011/04/30 23:54]  Rayven Baily: hurry back come back
[2011/04/30 23:55]  Rile Tatham: I am here.
[2011/04/30 23:55]  Rayven Baily: I requested this song for you
[2011/04/30 23:56]  Rile Tatham: Awwwe. I am touched.
[2011/04/30 23:58]  Rile Tatham: I tried requesting who let the dogs out for you but they told me it was far too rhetorical. ;)
[2011/05/01 00:01]  Rayven Baily: Really? is that why you were hitting on me and not the other way around. I guess I short of requested that song short dick man
[2011/05/01 00:02]  Rile Tatham: lol. Wow. You certainly can't take a joke, though you seem to dish it out just fine. xD
[2011/05/01 00:04]  Rayven Baily: Sure i can you have jokes too.. like your vanity and your paper thin confidence.
[2011/05/01 00:05]  Rile Tatham: Oooh wow. Someone is very angry now. This is just getting more funny by the moment. Anyways I am actually busy now. This has been fun, but you'll have to entertain yourself now. ;)
[2011/05/01 00:06]  Rayven Baily: Not mad.. what do I have to be mad about? Busy? or is your hand busy.
[2011/05/01 00:07]  Rile Tatham: Oh my god. You hurt my feelings soo bad. I think I might go cut myself and listen to emo music... haha Wow. If you aren't mad, you are just simply hilarious.
[2011/05/01 00:10]  Rayven Baily: Yes, i am funny thanks. So are you using Ky or vasoline lol
[2011/05/01 00:10]  Rayven Baily: jergens maybe?

So some girl starts IM me

[2011/05/01 00:14]  Anemone Kytori: He is using ky
[2011/05/01 00:16]  Rayven Baily: how cute he spent his money to have you IM me lol
[2011/05/01 00:19]  Anemone Kytori: he doesnt have to pay me, as long as i get to watch him
[2011/05/01 00:21]  Anemone Kytori: dont be too jealous
[2011/05/01 00:22]  Rayven Baily: watch him jerk off lol. Jealous of what I shot him down.
[2011/05/01 00:22]  Anemone Kytori: ohh couldnt handle him then i see, its ok
[2011/05/01 00:22]  Rayven Baily: yea that its. lol wow you are so clever. Im jealous now LOL.
[2011/05/01 00:23]  Anemone Kytori: jealousy is an illness....get well bish!
[2011/05/01 00:24]  Rayven Baily: Well I gues you should see a doctor, hoe. You are IMing me not the other way around who is jealous now? You have what I didnt want LOL
[2011/05/01 00:27]  Anemone Kytori: you didnt want because he is too good for your fat ass
[2011/05/01 00:27]  Rayven Baily: Right Im fat lol. Wow you are a dumb whore. How much you make 5 lindens lol
[2011/05/01 00:30]  Anemone Kytori: you bore me, im done with you..bye bye
[2011/05/01 00:31]  Rayven Baily: LOL. Listen to yourself. you would of been bored the minute you opened your mouth

So I check this girl's profile see she works at this Coyote Ugly bar. I go there... what a dump. Looks like it was furnished at a newbie store. She is the only one there.

I took this pic like 3 second before she got offline She couldn't get away fast enough. LOL. Looks like a skunk died on top her head. That outfit? Goes with her entire look I guess, cheap. lol.

So as Pepe LePuke left.. I danced on the freebie bar with nobody to stop me! I owned the joint...Make way for the Princess!

In honor of Rile Tatham's night of lonely pleasure all by himself while the skunk watched.. I give you the song I dedicated to him.


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