"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, October 31, 2011

Gotta love Halloween

Here I am as a crazy clown for Halloween... I'm still working on the costume.. I'm sort of out shopping and I came across Bigfoot!  Check this girl out her thigh is the size of my body. I sure hope this a costume cause they are built like Vin Diesel. 

I gave up on taking a photo for Halloween... guess it will be delayed. I went to a party last night in rl and had to work early this morning.. im sooooo tired. Though I did get this cool pumpkin head as a gift. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Epic Failure

Karma.. it sure is a bitch.

After a horrible week.. where Mr. Harlee Fallen got laughed out of one forums and called ugly.. then on a second attempt they once again failed... leading to them giving someone 30k in lindens.. lol.

Now this...

Last week I posted I went to a magic 8 ball web site and asked if Harlee Fallen was really a man.  I asked the question 1 time.

So I did a search for my second life name earlier and came up with this...
Mr. Harlee Fallen tried to do the same LOL.

LOL. they were asking questions trying to get a "Yes" response and failed.

You see this magic 8 ball is really magic.. and knows the truth! LMAO

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something scary for Halloween

Some photos I took a while ago..

Baby got back. Mary Kate Olsen would be proud. Thanks Jeanne Sahara.

Took this a while ago... not sure what it was. It could use a crab face though.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to arbys!

Bitch you ain’t no Barbie I see you work at Arby’s 
Number 2, super-sized Hurry up I’m starving"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't forget to check out this new site

brokeback barbie Get the latest on who and what is a "Basic Bitch!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Viewer 3?

So today one of my friends said they were going to give viewer 3 a try for photos... what the hell so did I!

I have a laptop - never planned on playing second life prior to buying it. So my laptop has limits..

The following pictures are with viewer 3. They turned out well...it was very laggy and I really don't like the interface.

I tried Viewer 3 again and it didn't lag like earlier. Maybe it was the sim I was in. One thing I don't like is the envirment setting to change the windlight and sun. It's more complex then it needs to be.

These two pictures were taken with Kristens and it didn't lag as much as I recalled Kristens in the past.

The following was taken with Firestorm. I love Firestorm's interface.. but clearly the pictures lack depth. I love how easy it is to change windlight settings and all the windlight options. Though I find it very annoying it takes me forever for the mesh version of Firestorm to load.

Make my dream come true!

 I have always had a dream of ruling second life with a iron fist. I have learned from the mistakes of others.. Darth Vader, Johnny from the Karate Kid, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Joker..

Dec 21st, 2012 is coming! There is no way around it. Notice the countdown I have put on this blog.. time is ticking. A virus is already spreading around second life.. it's turning avatars into ugly crab faces.

This is why I have created a group which is not only help you survive the Apocalypse, but will be the the new governing force is second life after it. Everyone knows California is going to sink in the ocean and that means no more Lindens! The Army of the 12 Monkeys (no i haven't seen the movie but it sounds cool) will be the new governing body!

Join now and help us horde all the prim bottled water and ramen noodles we can get our hands on.

As for the rest of you.. YOU ARE DONE!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The flawlessTruth

about the Flawless truth! I have sold the rights to the flawless truth to the highest bidder. (wasn't much)

The group only know as "The Paparazzi" have made their own blog. You can check it out here.

I'm done, again!

Just so everyone knows... Mr. Harlee Fallen is ignoring me. Well, that's what they claim... then I exposed them for being a liar and a copy botter. (need more proof?)

"Hiii Everyone
so you all know i'm a bad bitch i'm a cunt...and you never ever get on my bad side...i guess for my dipshit loser ex thats too hard to comprehend so as punishment here's his shape for you all to enjoy! hehehe goes best with prodigal 'dex' feel free to tell your friends who want the shape aswell to i.m me <33"

This was given to me by someone in their group. I mean I couldn't have got it.. cause this message is older and no longer active in the group. LOL. 

So anyhoo... the immature little boy who likes to be called Harlee Fallen threw a fit about my last blog post...but they are ignoring me? Yes, another meltdown... lol. Only this time they brought a "friend". Well, it was something... sort of looked like the love child of Napoleon Dynamite and Donatella Versace.

So this "thing" informed me "I'm done!"

Wow, that's like the 10th time I been done the last 6 weeks. I had Mr. Harlee Fallen tell me a few times I was done, her pink good squad... one even promised to come to my house personally. I guess I wasn't home and was out enjoying a real life.. Then some ugly bitch named Moonlight Brentely said I was done. Now, I'm done again!

Considering nothing has changed... what are the benefits of being done? Do I get frequent done miles? Can I upgrade to be well done?

I would have to say the funniest thing "Boy fallen" said was I made a blog post at 2am last night. Well, duh.. when I'm out enjoying RL.. I have to do it when I get home. I don't sit online like you 20 hours a day as mommy makes me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off and shaped like cocks. 

Funniest thing is this.. if I blog at 2am and they are online to see it. It's 7am there time.. and believe me they have not slept yet.

So... basically you are insulting yourself. LOL.

Finally, there will be some new juicy stuff on the flawlesstruth blog tomorrow! Keep your eye out for it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Harlee Failin once again!

Here is the latest chapter in the second life of Mr. Harlee Fallen.

I took part in a photo shoot last night. The theme was "Things you dont like about other avatars". Well, suprise... there was more than one crab face barbie there.

Mr. Harlee Fallen started crying that they were copy botted. Afterall, nobody would want to look that ugly on purpose.. but them. Its Halloween though..

Mr. Harlee Fallen claims "They cant stand copy botters and they are bottom of the barrel the lowest of the low on second life". 

That's a interesting opinion.. considering you have copy botted in the past.

[2011/09/22 16:27]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): did harlee make your shape?
[2011/09/22 16:27]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): fuck no
[2011/09/22 16:27]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): she  botted my shit
[2011/09/22 16:27]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): someone said she gave it away in her group
[2011/09/22 16:27]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): someone in her group
[2011/09/22 16:27]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): o yeah i bet she did
[2011/09/22 16:28]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): it doesnt really bother me its what ever
[2011/09/22 16:28]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): true but when they are crying about others copybotting them they did the same thing
[2011/09/22 16:28]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): rofl yup
[2011/09/22 16:28]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): they need to stfu about that
[2011/09/22 16:28]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): but i should be thanking her, this shape came from a store and it was no mod, so now im able to mod it at least
[2011/09/22 16:29]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/09/22 16:29]  мムχ мσи乇у™ (maximus.doesburg): so ty crazy bitch for helpin me out lol thats how i see it
 (The next two I didn't alter the conversation, I just removed the names cause they are people who were and maybe are still in Harlee's group)

 [2011/09/22 16:25]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): she is crying about copybotting her ex Max said she was stalking outside his land trying to copybot him
[2011/09/22 16:25]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): im sure she copybotter herself to use on all her alts
[2011/09/22 16:25]  ZZZZZZ: She was giving away her ex's shape, in her group
[2011/09/22 16:26]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): wow
[2011/09/22 16:26]  ZZZZZZ: Mhm
[2011/09/22 16:26]  ZZZZZZ: I think I have it
[2011/09/22 16:26]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol well according to her shapes are hard to make
[2011/09/22 16:27]  ZZZZZZ: Damn its no transfer
[2011/09/22 16:27]  ZZZZZZ: she sent her ex's pic as well
[2011/09/22 16:28]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): i bet she is a cunt

 [2011/09/22 18:05]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): So is it true Harlee was giving out Max's shape in her group?
[2011/09/22 18:05]  XXXXXX: Yep true
[2011/09/22 18:06]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): what a hypocrite
[2011/09/22 18:06]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): loser
[2011/09/22 18:08]  XXXXXX: I don't even know why I am in that group
[2011/09/22 18:08]  XXXXXX: she invited me
[2011/09/22 18:09]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): He wanted your money
[2011/09/22 18:09]  XXXXXX: Please i would not give it to that bitch

As for their "claim" Harlee Fallen is the only avatar they are active on. LOL. They are usually on two different avatars at once. At least on the Harlee Olivieri alt (which once was a male avatar) at least 5 hours a day LOL.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

OMGZs more proof!

I tapped the powers of the unknown... a source you can always count on. The magic 8-ball! Look at it's reply. Notice I only tried this once... it shows at the bottom on the screen the last few questions and answers given. This is not some staged prank... let the truth me told! Behold the power of the magic 8-ball!

Winner, Winner..

chicken dinner!!

OMGZs I keep winning! Win here, win there! After being a total winner yesterday and the duck lipped crab face being the ultimate loser and laughed out of the SL Universe forums... once again, they were at it again. This time back to the Second life forums. 

After giving a sob story about how they are a victim of being cyber bullied... people saw right through their lies. 

The only thing your two day "Cyber bully awareness" campaign did was..

1) Show everyone in the forums what a liar you are.
2) Show everyone that if they didn't agree with you that you would attack them with insults.
3) That you are very immature and can't be more than 18 if that. 
4) That you acted like such a fool.. they will want to hear the other side of the story and google it. LOL. 

So basically you have opened the door to even more people to find out the truth about you, Sir.

Seriously, you can't pay for better advertisement then this and it was FREE!!

Oh yea.. theflawlesstruth is currently down.. but not out. It's down cause it's going over a makeover. Making it more stream line so you can go to it and get right to the facts without having to read 30 posts. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Once you fail..

Fail, fail, again!

Mr. Harlee Fallen after yesterdays epic fail trying to win people over in their "Cyber Bullying" campaign, only to see them laughed out of a forum... is at it again. Click here to check it out

Once again it seems people are failing to take them serious.. Ugh

I mean seriously.... you are trying to make people aware of Cyber Bullying. That's like a crackhead telling everyone don't use Heroine.

Your message falls way short with your track record... especially when you still have Max's real life picture on your blog. *rolls eyes*

Seriously, you have to love bullies who act and claim "they run SL" but when they come in contact with someone they can't bully....who just laughs at them and their hollow threats.. THEN they want to run and get Linden Labs involved and cry for help.

So pathetic.... go hide in a sewer like Gadhafi with the rats.

Winning, Duh!

Why would someone fake their own death? Simple to see how others would react... who would dance on their grave... who would really be the ones in mourning. When you dead... you are not going to see that.

Guess who is not dead. Guess who will be eating their words again LOL. Let me stress, *again*

You see this day will go down in history as one of the biggest failures for anyone in internet history.

Earlier today Mr. Harlee Fallen started a post about me in a SLforums just like they did a month ago. They tried to once again claim they were a saint and being harassed for no reason at all.

They made a post about Cyber Bullying.. strange post coming from someone who has made threats against others... trying to get them banned. Threats of making them lose their connections or worse. They cried they were being stalked. Yet, once again the other day the were on a alt looking for me and actually found me at a sim. They have posted the real life identities of people in SL. I can go on and on about this person and their hypocrisy.

This is where it gets REALLY good. Their attitude turned everyone is this forum against them LOL. They were trying to get people to go to their blog and side with them... but everyone saw right through them. People were making fun of their avatar profile picture saying they looked like they needed to take a poop. That they had duck lips. LOL

At one point they changed their profile pic. LOL. By the time I read all 11 pages and stopped laughing at them cause their plan blew up in their face the thread was closed.   They had like 20 people against them, and they were saying that "they are a nice person and don't know why people were picking on them" LOL.

 Mr. Harlee Fallen made a comment about curry to a indian guy and claimed it wasn't racial or have they ever made a racial comment. LOL.Go to their blog and look at the racial remarks against Asians or calling gay people "faggots". No they are not a racist or spew hate LOL.

It honestly was way too funny.. Im sure they will tell a different story. That's fine.. if that's not how if happened, how come you erased the thread LOL.
I did get a HUGE laugh from it. OMG, it made my day.

Now they are blogging on their blog about my blog being erased? LOL.


Clearly I'm a winner... and you are not. I have Princess DNA, you are a "queen".
Make way for the Princess... guess who is back!

Oh yea I'm on Twitter now!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Haunted sims!

So I like to explore second life here and there.. I decided to check out some of these Halloween sims. Here are some pictures of my journey!

I have a feeling I'm being watched. 

 Playing CSI - SL.

Someone played a trick on me and lit this bag of poop on fire! Ugh, my new heels!!

Rayven and Raven

 I was asked to stay for dinner. I didn't know I would be the main course.

Greedy bitch ate all the brains!!


So Halloween is coming... I'm not so much into horror movies.. cause I don't enjoy them. I more or less watch them and say "That don't look real.." or "how dumb".

So instead I want to get in the Halloween spirt.. so I been watching these Paranormal Ghost shows on Netflix.

Damn, I missed my calling... Now everyone is coming out with these shows and guess what! They always find something.

Now I'm not going to say ghost or spirits don't exists cause I did have a experience of my own and it was very personal.. but I think these shows take advantage of people hopes and beliefs. If you want to walk around in the dark an hear something or see someone enough, you are going to do it.

I love when they get possessed by a demon. LOL. Talk about bad acting.

Can it happen? I think it can.. does it happen as much as these shows claim. I doubt it...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help is on the way!

So over a month ago.. I was at the beach and out strolled this ugly and I stress ugly, creature. It was miserable... it had a ugly crab face. Yuk!

It was begging for attention.. so I felt sorry for it and I did just that. I gave it a bunch of attention! Then it started to whine and cry I gave it too much attention! OMGZs, like make up your mind! The worst part.. they didn't even thank me. I went out of my way to help and didn't even get a thank you.

You know what they say about walking a mile in someone's shoes. Ugh, like it sucked. I dressed up like this creature for one day. It was horrible.. I felt so gross. Now I know why they are so miserable.

So I have been thinking.. this "thing" which calls itself, Mr. Harlle Fallen, is just really angry! It keeps sending me IMs very, very mad and angry.. all cause I was trying to help.

They are using hate slurs like calling gay people - fags and faggots. They are making fun of Asian people calling them racial hate names. Like ugh, so much hate.. let's turn that frown you have everyday upside down little buckaroo! The Princess wants to help!

So I'm going to once again offer my services to you! I want to make your second life better! We need to rid your avatar of all that hate.. and bring in some love. There is room in that avatar for some love other than for black cock.

I will make this my goal for the remainder of the year to help you, again! If it takes a exorcism or if I have to get 50 people on one sim for a intervention.. help is on the way!

Just remember to thank me this time!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How about some cheese with that whine?

Guess who IMed me again today whining? Uqh, Crabface Mr. Harlee Fallen. I guess they also blogged me. Uqh.. really? OMGZs

[2011/10/14 21:05]  Harlee Fallen: (Saved Fri Oct 14 15:38:48 2011)anyway i'm done talking about this, like i said as far as i am concerned u dont exist to me anymore after today either way i'm done talking about this internet drama lol like it would be sad if after all our progress u wanted to start all this shit up again but thats up to u either i'm going to enjoy my SL

Unlike this person who is on second life online 20 hours a day sometimes on two accounts at once. I have a real life to go to today. All I will say is I got a good laugh about your blog. An unlike you I can back my stuff up. You have nothing. LOL. Nothing!  

So keep refreshing my blog, Sir.. cause you know you will. Its coming. 

Ah, Rats!

Any of various long-tailed rodents resembling mice but larger, especially one of the genus Rattus.
2. Slang
a. A despicable person, especially one who betrays or informs upon associates.

 This is a story about two rats, Harlee and Aurora. Both couldn't help but put blame on each other and tell me all about it.

Just to recap what happened. Last week I posted on my blog I was done blogging about Harlee Fallen. It became a full time job and it took me away from my photography. I was at a sim called "Busty chicks for black cock ghetto" (or something like that) people watching. Basically Harlee Fallen spawned in and shortly after Piggy aka Aurora Bentham spawned in.

Then shortly after that the sim owner (who looks like a crackhead, Little Jon) IMed me. Saying he didn't like drama, but that's exactly what he was starting. 

In fact all three of these clowns did just that started the drama. I was standing there minding my own business with no intention of blogging any of them.

A few days earlier Piggy (Aurora) said: "It was on both parts, I was neutral on the whole situation and just stayed out of it"

Bascially talking about the whole Harlee issue... which like I said I was done with. 
So here is the deal.. The other day like I said in the previous post I talked to Harlee I agreed to take down the post about them. They said they never got me banned. So they started to claimed it was Aurora would got me banned. They claimed Aurora would IM them telling them I was here or there. 
Harlee also claimed they were now friends with Deelite.. and like 10 minutes after saying that they were saying Deelite was crying in their IM box. LOL. - Anyone who is friends with Harlee... you have to be really desperate for a friend. 

So after Harlee spilled his guts about Aurora and others... I IMed Piggy and told them what Harlee said and blogged their lying ass. 

The next day Harlee IMs me saying Aurora in crying in her IM box cause I blogged them.

 [10:36]  Aurora Bentham: yep, and she blogged me. Thanks alot
 [10:39]  Harlee Fallen: Well tbh my shit was over with her but for some reason u wanted to rehash it everytime she showed up, like as if you were instigating...and well that wasnt cool so i just told her ...for someone who wanted to stay neutral you sure did try extra hard to get her banned
 [10:40]  Aurora Bentham: I was not the one who went to duke about the whole thing. He asked me to show him logs after you told him.
 [10:40]  Harlee Fallen: i never over to 'fuck' him to have her banned...as soon as he brought that shit up i was like i really dont give a fuck do what u want
 [10:41]  Harlee Fallen: thats why he banned me
 [10:41]  Harlee Fallen: and again i never told him to i.m her he did that shit on his own because he's a fuckin loser and a drama queen
 [10:42]  Harlee Fallen: as far as i am concerned my shit with her is over, w/e i've said i've always said it to her face
 [10:42]  Harlee Fallen: i didnt i.m her like a fuckin pussy pretending lik
 нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): e i didn have anything against her
 [10:43]  Aurora Bentham: I barely said one word to her. And it was way before she found out about getting banned
 [10:43]  Harlee Fallen: and why did u i.m her?
 [10:43]  Harlee Fallen: u wanted her banned as much as anyone
 [10:43]  Aurora Bentham: She actually always ims her
 [10:43]  Aurora Bentham: *me
 [10:43]  Harlee Fallen: so mute her
 [10:44]  Harlee Fallen: if its such a problem
 [10:44]  Aurora Bentham: I have not imd her or initiated it
Piggy has a bad concept of time as you will see. She claims she IMed me way before I got banned. What like two days before? LOL. 

Then Piggy claims I IM them all the time. I have spoken to Piggy like 5 times in the last year

1. They IMed me to say they are "neutral" prior to my banning.
2. I Passed them a link to my blog about her claiming Harlee was her best friend but Harlee was fucking her men. This is were I called them a doormat.
 3. Once cause she asked Serenity Juneberry to have me take her off ignore cause she wanted to talk to me. 
4. Once I saw her at Anaconda with that Million Dollar man guy she IMed me and said she was married and was going to have his baby. A week or so later, yea.. another failed partnership. 
5. Once when the bitch was calling me out in the Pornstars group.

So I IMed them, what twice? Once they asked me to do it. Yea, ok Aurora. I have had you on ignore most of the year. Keep making shit up. 

So then Aurora starts sending me stuff trying to throw Harlee under the bus in return. 
A conversation between Duke and Aurora

[2011/10/08 21:38]  Duke Lenroy: I have a bad connection can't tell
[2011/10/08 21:50]  Duke Lenroy: has this bitch rayven blogged about you too?
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Aurora Bentham: yes, its been going on for months with her. Like over 8 months
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Duke Lenroy: show me a link...I haven't found a thing about you
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Duke Lenroy: because I searched both of her blogs for your name and found nothing..I need evidence
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: hello?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: can you point me to the evidence?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Aurora Bentham: I found it
[2011/10/08 21:54]  Duke Lenroy: shoe me
[2011/10/08 21:54]  Duke Lenroy: show me
[2011/10/08 21:54]  Aurora Bentham:
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Duke Lenroy: I can't look at this shit I can't get involved
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Aurora Bentham: You asked me to show you
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Duke Lenroy: I know I did LOL
[2011/10/08 22:01]  Duke Lenroy: I know
[2011/10/08 22:02]  Duke Lenroy: it's like endless drama

So Duke claimed Aurora didn't mention me at all to him. UH, Hello.. you are fucking talking about me to her, dumbass. You see when duke brought up a post on my blog about Harlee which included Aurora.. I knew her fat ass was involved, unlike what she claimed.

Aurora goes on to say the following about Harlee:

[2011/10/14 11:06]  Aurora Bentham: Its fine though harlee screwed me over twice already and people said she would do it again and not to trust her. So its the truth.
[2011/10/14 11:07]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): remember I called you a doormat?
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: Harlee is whatever, she backstabs anyone the moment she has a chance
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): you are just seeing that now?
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: no
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: because she did it twice
[2011/10/14 11:10]  Aurora Bentham: to me
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol - and you didnt see the conversartions with Max?
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: once when I was with fotios, she mad up chat logs to try and break us up
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: and would tp over to his place and keep getting ejected
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: And then with strom
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): so why is she your BFF? lol
[2011/10/14 11:11]  Aurora Bentham: oh she hasnt been in my profile for a long time
[2011/10/14 11:12]  Aurora Bentham: I dont even hang out with her. You should know that by going places
[2011/10/14 11:12]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): long time? what a week? lol

Tons of fun isn't even a good liar. They were hanging out with Harlee at the Ghetto sim last week standing by some guy dressed in a Nazi uniform who was mocking them.

She claims she hasn't been BFFs with them in a long while. I just posted about these two on my blog less then a month ago. Once again this fat bitch has no concept of time.

Finally, why would you be friends with someone who keeps fucking you over and talking behind you back? You have serious issues if you keep going back for more and more. 

[2011/10/14 11:14]  Aurora Bentham: lol I dont ask her to tp me or anything. She is just always there , I dont know why. And you know funny thing is Duke would of banned you in the first place and he asked harlee to suck his dick and she refused so he banned you and then her

Funny, Harlee claims Aurora always asks her for TPs and to hang out. Considering Aurora had in her profile a picture of the both of them and that Harlee was her BFF. I would think you would want to hang out with your BFF - sounds like another lie, Aurora. 

  [2011/10/14 11:29]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): show me where in any conversations I said to you I dont talk about you

 So this bitch is admitting they talk about me. LOL.

[2011/10/14 11:29]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): because there isnt any, so where have I lied
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): you said you were staying about of it with me and harlee you were neutral you werent lol.
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): duh
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): That was before if you read it
[2011/10/14 11:30]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): I said I 'stayed neautral' Meaning when you first blogged her
[2011/10/14 11:31]  Ariah (aurora.bentham): I didnt say I am staying neutral
[2011/10/14 11:31]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Oh so you were neutral up until that point when you IMed me. cause the way I took it you were saying you were always neutral
[2011/10/14 11:32]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): OH ok. so that was a warning that you were about to start shit when what i had between them was pretty much done

 This dumb bitch can't get her story straight. Fact was up until the point she IMed with with her "I'm neutral and staying out of this" BS I was done blogging about Fallen. I said it was over...

So then both Harlee and Aurora send me this conversation with Duke.

[2011/10/08 21:40]  Harlee Fallen: and its not even the good one
[2011/10/08 21:43]  Harlee Fallen: lol u should get duke
 [2011/10/08 21:43]  Harlee Fallen: to ban her ugly ass

Hmmm.. If I wasn't going to blog you anymore. Why would you talk about getting me banned?
 In fact here is the conversation to how this Duke guy even got involved by Harlee Fallen, himself

 [2011/10/08 21:32]  Duke Lenroy: hi nigger slut
 [2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe hello
 [2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen runs her nails down her blonde extentions
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Duke Lenroy: here for all the nigger dick?
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: uqh totally
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: but looks like my stalker
 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: just tpd in

 [2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: so i'll be leaving
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: huh?
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: rayven baily
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: do you have her muted?
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: she's not saying anything at all in local...
 [2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: for sure
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: like that never matters unfortunately...
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: well derender her if you want....she's not saying anything at all though
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: she hasnt blogged about me in a while
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: I don't know why you'd run
[2011/10/14 11:47]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): from someone like that
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: so just forget it
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: have u seen her blog?
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: its dedicated to me
 [2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: no I don't think I have
 [2011/10/08 21:37]  Duke Lenroy: we could always get aurora and go up to my skybox for some fun
 [2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe sounds fun but i'm logging soon anyway
 [2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: gonna have to miss it
 [2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: that's too bad
 [2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: I was considering banning her
So once again if I said I was done blogging you, why are you telling this guy who 
1) admits I wasn't doing anything wrong in his sim Im stalking you. 
2) I was already in the sim when you TPed in. Get your fucking facts straight. 
3) Show him my blog and say im stalking you IF I said I wasn't going to blog you anymore. 

Guess what Harlee reasoning was? Aurora pointed me out in the sim. LOL. I don't care if Fat ass did or didn't when did you start taking orders from them? That don't mean you had to say anything or bring it up to Duke, but you did. Not only did you bring it up.. you called me a stalker. Lied, saying I just TPed in like I followed you. Pointed my blog out.. 

You, Sir, have nothing to cry about. Everything was brought on upon yourself by your own actions. You could of easily left like you said.. BUT you couldn't keep your fucking mouth shut. You are talking shit about everyone throwing others under the bus... yet you claim you are not going to talk about me? LOL - Yea, I believe that.. 

I recall you whining saying "you can't keep my name out of your mouth". Sir, that's exactly what you did when you went and ratted me out to Duke. 

So let's see 

Duke "Little Jon" Lenroy - Lied saying he never talked to Aurora about this stuff or was she involved. Started drama with me in an attempt to fuck two hoes who would fuck just about anyone.. yet he failed. Lied claiming I posted his name and the name of his sim on my blog so he banned me. Simply, he is a coward. No big deal seriously I'm banned. IF I ever wanted to hang out at a Urban sex sim I would go to Hard Alley anyhow.. the Original and first sim of it's kind not a fucking cheap ass rip off which is half the size. 

Aurora "Piggy" Bentham - Liar. Bitch needs a watch and a calender. Serious relationship issues.. looking for real love on second life even though they claim their RL is great. Would friend anyone who wants to walk all over them and treat them like shit. You need someone to kick around for a while IM Aurora. 

Mr. Hallen Fallen aka, harlee bilavio, harlee cavalieri, jessicaa ohmai, harlee olivieri, harue fallen, kenzie cisse, kimber rhys, and quinn voir.  Pathelogical liar.. who claims Aurora is Fake. LOL, what the fuck about you is real? You are a male pretending to be a women. You pretend you are from the USA while you live in the UK. You are the LAST person who should call anyone fake. If anyone wants to know more out this psychopath.. check out theflawlesstruth. Yes it's back and will never come down. EVER

Friday, October 14, 2011

Three's company!

Yesterday when I logged into second life... there was sort of a glitch. For some reason Harlee Fallen wasn't blocked... and they ended up IM me. We talked... it wasn't pretty by any means then I crashed. I logged back in and they were on ignore again like they should of been. So I IMed them.. talked more and sort of worked out an agreement. It was never really my intention to take this that far. Honestly, I never wanted to alter the way someone else plays second life and it sort of did get to that point. Plus I was basically standing around and not getting nothing done. So the posts have been removed and the flawlesstruth is blank. I just want to stress one thing though it's removed not erased.

I also got wind last night one of my favorite Machinima artists Pel Beaton has put an entry in MachinimUWA contest. I'm sure this will be one of hundred's of entries by Pel in the next month. With his amazing talent, I'm sure he has a great chance. Just one tip. You might want to not use a demo version of FRAPS.

Finally last and definitely not least.. more like X-large. A few days ago I talked about people who want to talk behind your back and deny stuff.. Last week Aurora Bentham IMed me to let me know they were staying neutral and out of this thing between Harlee and myself. Well, I'm hearing other things now. An really, Im not suprised... cause my other post was sort of hinting to this person is a round about way.

Seriously, someone who has a new SL Partner every three weeks claiming they are in LOVE only to see it fail and repeat over and over... (how many times now 20 or so?) should not be concerned about my second life. They should be concerned about their first life and going to see a psychiatrist.

Wait, you are 100% happy with your real life? If so, then how come you are so desperate to find true love through second life? lol.

 Taken from their profile: they claim they are Rich, Famous, Classy , Beautiful, Dirty
 Rich - Rich people dont go on hunts for free shit in second life.
Famous - For what fucking 50 guys half were unknown newbies? That's something to be proud of.
Classy - LOL
Beautiful - I'm sure some people think Rosie O'Donnell is Beautiful, too.
Dirty - Finally one I agree on. When you have fucked 3/4 of second life you earned this label.

Let me add one to that Desperate.

So once again next time you decide to open your big mouth, shove another twinkie in it. Believe me, you will thank me and might go back for seconds.. and thirds.

Holly Freaks, Batman!

So earlier today I saw an article about this guy who is a real life "super hero" in Seattle. His name is Phoenix Jones and he is one of a growing trend of comic book freaks who think they are super heroes who are going to "protect" their streets.

Check out this idiot

Now there are real life super villains coming out.

What does this mean? There is going to be one hell of a nerd showdown sooner or later.

That's if someone don't shoot and kill one of these idiots first.

You can go to this site to see if you have a real life super hero in your area

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm sorry!

I am! I send out a big apology to the Oompa Loompas! I compared them to Aurora Bentham, and well.. after watching the video again they are no where as fat as her. They do have some advice though...

You are staying out of this.. LOL. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OMGZs Drama!!

I love when people whine and cry at what I put on my blog.  Its one of the things in second life that humors me... here is why.

They want to cry about me making events dealing with them public... for anyone to read. Like I said I don't blog every single person I come in contact with. I don't blog every person who IMs me. My blog would be rather boring... just those people who stand out and think they are special. So I give them the attention they deserve...cause a lot of these people like Mr. Harlee Fallen would otherwise just deny everything. Claimed they never said it.. All I do is hold them accountable for what they say and do. Cause... You throw a few facts on a blog... soon they can't make up excuses fast enough for their lies.

So I guess it's not ok to blog about something in world even when you are not the one that starts it or IMs the other party... but it's ok to talk behind people's back... or talk about someone to others in private IMs.

So you can go IM 25 people and say something about someone... they are a whore, a racist, a space alien, whatever...  and then deny you said it.. but if you do it on a blog and 100% stand behind what you write, cause you are the author of the post, that's not ok. LOL. How does that make sense?

This is why Linden Labs ToS is full of shit. It encourages you to talk behind people's back and spread your little rumors and gossip in private IMs.

Here is also why it don't work. If you file a Abuse report who is to say it has been followed through? They claim they look into stuff.. I seriously doubt it. No Linden or customer support TPs to your area to see for themselves if you have some guy blowing up an entire sim with a griefer weapon.

You also don't get any feedback back after you file a AR. No e-mail from anyone at Linden Labs which personally explains if your AR was taken serious and if any steps or actions took place. You get one freakin form letter (sometimes if you are lucky) when you send in a AR. 

So my blog is not broken... the system is broken. Don't hate the messenger.

I met a Jellyfish in second life....

This is going to be good...

So as I mentioned on the flawlesstruth Mr. Harlee Fallen TPed in a sim I was in yesterday and shortly after the owner of the sim IMed me. Well, someone went back on there word... so I'm not protecting the "innocent" any longer.

The sim was Busty Sluts for Black cock ghetto - the person who IMed was Duke "I have no spine" Lenroy. AKA Mr. Jellyfish. So I been banned...

Let me say I won't miss it and here is why. This sim is basically a parking lot for avatars with a few sex pose ball here and there. 45% is populated by Barbie wannabes who all wear the same hair and attire.. with the same profile. The other 45% are guys with Black avatars (mostly white guys in RL) trying to fuck these Barbies. (who I'm sure half are white guys themselves) 10% are the freaks. I basically dropped in a few times to check out the freaks.. I never had any intention on fucking anyone there or being a dumb fucking barbie.

So Duke the Jellyfish IMs me shortly after Mr. Harlee Fallen and his short and stocky friend Aurora  Bentham show up.


[2011/10/08 21:28]  Duke Lenroy: welcome to the ghetto
[2011/10/08 21:29]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): ty
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: what brings you here?  ;)
[2011/10/08 21:41]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): people watching alot of freaks here
[2011/10/08 21:42]  Duke Lenroy: that's it just watching?
[2011/10/08 21:42]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): pretty muc why do you ask?
[2011/10/08 21:43]  Duke Lenroy: just curious...saw your blog...you're a bad bad girl ;)
[2011/10/08 21:44]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): why am i a bad girl?
[2011/10/08 21:45]  Duke Lenroy: blowing up people's spots and shit!
[2011/10/08 21:47]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol. yes, well alot of these people act like asses on second life like their shit dont stink. I just knock them off their high horse. I dont blog every person i run into on second life. lol
[2011/10/08 21:48]  Duke Lenroy: well this is a no drama sim
[2011/10/08 21:49]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Im standing here. I think you got some bad information. Ask anyone here if i did anything wrong. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty
[2011/10/08 21:50]  Duke Lenroy: I don't think I've made an accusation yet
[2011/10/08 21:50]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Sure you have you mentioned my blog as said this is not a drama sim
[2011/10/08 21:51]  Duke Lenroy: yes...that's not an accusation, that's more of a warning that I don't want anything like what's on your blog, to come form this place...and just because you are slient doesn't mean anything really
[2011/10/08 21:52]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Oh wow.... lol. sound like you are causing the drama. Im standing here.
[2011/10/08 21:52]  Duke Lenroy: no, you have a blog that's FULL of drama.
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: you in general, create shitloads of drama, even if at this moment, you are just standing here
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Really how is that? How am i creating drama standing here?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: if there was a mass murderer, that's killed people all over sl was here, telling me they were just standing there, I'd still have an issue...do you understand that?
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: if charles manson was standing here, saying "what?  I am just standing?"  it's different
[2011/10/08 21:53]  Duke Lenroy: you don't get that?
[2011/10/08 21:55]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I have a question for you. Be honest. Have you seen Harlee Fallen blog? Did you see her flickr with her EXs real life picture of it calling him a two toned thug? did you give this person the same speach or because you fucked them and fucked aurora and she plastered it all over her flickr are they getting a different treatment?
[2011/10/08 21:56]  Duke Lenroy: I didn't see it...show me.
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: and harless has been banned, more than once, for bullshit
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: and aurora is a friend of mine
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: http://cravingrayven.blogspot.com/2011/09/friends-like-this-who-needs-enemies.html
[2011/10/08 21:57]  Duke Lenroy: you're right harless is no angel, she's on double probabtion
[2011/10/08 21:58]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): http://virtualbarbie.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-09-14T15%3A00%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7
[2011/10/08 21:58]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): look at wednesday sept 14th
[2011/10/08 21:59]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): her ex's real life picture on her blog. it was on her flickr but he reported it and it got removed
[2011/10/08 22:02]  Duke Lenroy: I can't read all this shit!  fuck you're right, I can't even get involved
[2011/10/08 22:02]  Duke Lenroy: just please don't pull the ghetto into your blogs...cool?  ;)
[2011/10/08 22:03]  Duke Lenroy: ok?
[2011/10/08 22:04]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): sure
[2011/10/08 22:04]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): thats all you had to say. See im not that bad
[2011/10/08 22:06]  Duke Lenroy: oh yes you are...I just can't be bothered to get invovled
[2011/10/08 22:08]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol.. I take it aurora is an angel?
[2011/10/08 22:08]  Duke Lenroy: it's not a contest!  but I am not aware of a blog of hers blowing people up
[2011/10/08 22:08]  Duke Lenroy: she didn't mention you at all to me, by the way
[2011/10/08 22:09]  Duke Lenroy: she didn't say one word
[2011/10/08 22:11]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): someone did. and if it was harlee. whatever I have did, she has done beyond that and more. Including copybotting, harassing her ex with 5 alts, paying people to make threats like hacking their accounts. all I did was expose this for all to see. Just like the news... people should be informed to who they are dealing with.
[2011/10/08 22:11]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/10/09 09:25]  Duke Lenroy: (Saved Sun Oct 09 11:00:45 2011)that's probably a very fair statement...sorry for the hassle

So I never mentioned this sim directly. I never used his name.  I mentioned a incident I was involved in. Yet as you will see Jellyfish can't read.

[21:59] Rayven Baily: I see that I'm banned now and may I ask why?
[22:00] Duke Lenroy: because you blogged about me without my permission.
[22:00] Duke Lenroy: you didn't know why?
[22:00] Rayven Baily: I did? where did I put you name at can you show me?
[22:00] Duke Lenroy: are you fucking kidding me?
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: http://theflawlesstruth.blogspot.com/?zx=f0c3b64f170ed724
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: it had details of a private discussion that I had with you
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: why the fuck are you asking me to show you your own blog?
[22:01] Rayven Baily: No I'm not. That's ok after I talked to you i told a few others how you approached me and what you said. these were all people who hang out on your sim guess what they said? I thought Duke was cool.
[22:01] Duke Lenroy: and I don't give a fuck it you took it down
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: it is NOT cool
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: I AM cool
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: to type my fucking name without my permission on your blogs
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: I even told you I agreed with you!
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: that you made a good point!
[22:02] Rayven Baily: where is your name? where?
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: I read it last night!
[22:02] Rayven Baily: your name is not on the blog
[22:02] Rayven Baily: LOL
[22:02] Rayven Baily: nowhere is your name no where is the sim name
[22:02] Duke Lenroy: you didn't talk about the owner of the ghetto agreeing with you?!
[22:03] Duke Lenroy: I agreed with you untilI was shown the blog
[22:03] Duke Lenroy: you weren't banned, and i told you that you made a good point!
[22:03] Rayven Baily: I didnt name the name of the sim I didnt say who said what. you said keep your sim out of it. I never said any names
[22:03] Duke Lenroy: and then you went and posted it
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: you referred to me and my si and a private conversation.  I do not play!  people showed it to me!
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: you should have talked to me first
[22:04] Rayven Baily: That's fine I'm banned. Not like I really do anything but people watch there. funny how harlee is on double probation and she/he has access but im banned.
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: I guess I didn't realize that I owe you an explanation
[22:04] Duke Lenroy: believe me I have one, and I don't like it, but how can I trust you now?
[22:05] Rayven Baily: I dont need permission to talk about my second life experience. I didn't use the txt transcript.
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: It's a pretty simple situation, that I am not happy with, but obviously you cannot be trusted
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: and you know what?  you're friends were right!
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: I AM cool
[22:05] Duke Lenroy: but you fucked with me
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: anyone will tell you I have one rule.
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: no drama in the ghetto
[22:06] Rayven Baily: Nahh you aren't cool. cause from the start you already had a opinion. You said you wanted no drama but you picked a fight with me from the start. How did I fuck with you. You are delusional
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: you are LOADS of drama
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: yes, you're right i did
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: you are nothing but drama
[22:06] Duke Lenroy: I am done here
[22:06] Rayven Baily: no drama? go back and read our previous converstion LOL

So let's see... Mr. Jellyfish wants no drama, but admits they picked a fight with me from the start. I was guilty before I said anything in their mind. They could of approached me and talked to me, but instead they wanted to talk down to me. Pass judgement on me before even saying a word.

Mr. Jellyfish claims I had his name plastered on the site with his sim name. Wrong, sorry... you can't read. I kept my part of the deal. An it wasn't like I was bashing you, I was talking about someone else... in a incident which was part of my second life. 

I never quoted you directly. I was talking about a incident and just happened to put it on my blog. So are you telling me, Mr. Jellyfish, that every conversation you have about someone you contact the person you are talking about first? LOL Seriously who are you fooling?

If that's the case then I wasn't contact earlier when you were clearly talking about me and my blog. So you break your own rules... 

Grow a pair... Mr. Jellyfish. You didn't want your sim attached to any bad PR. That was your choice... 

Why should I be fair to you when you don't want to do the same in return? You are whining and crying about something that never happened.  I guess you are too blind to see for yourself you just believe everything that is told to you. Sad... good luck going through life that way. I'm sure you will get far!
Who lost out? I got banned from a sim I see serves no real purpose in my second life.. your true colors were shown.  Then again, you have proven you can't read... so I'm sure Aurora and Mr. Harlee Fallen will tell you about this post and make up stuff.

It's pretty damn simple... just the facts, Jellyfish.  

This is the best part, Jellyfish. I can create an alt in less than five minutes and visit your sim and look at the freaks... But people won't forget what is written here. 

Now I see why you have a soft spot for Aurora... she sort of has a oopma loompa body type and you have that Black Willy Wonka look. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Daily Dish!

Let me get you up to date on a few things...

It appears Ashton Kutcher is fucking some blonde talentless, bimbo. What's up with these bimbos? Good thing he just landed that job on "Two and half men" cause he is going to need a good lawyer.

I saw this on TV a few times last week and quotes from his twitter. So I checked out his twitter. This guy is a twitter freak.. like 5-6 posts a day. Maybe you should hire a good public relations firm and filter your comments.. before you say or do anything else stupid!

My favorite talentless airhead - Kim Kardashian, is rumored to be heading for a divorce already. I guess we will see... who don't like a train wreck. You would think before marrying this air head, you would of watched one episode of her show and got a clue. Then again, I heard Kim gets paid like 35,000K per twitter entry. The NBA season is in jeopardy and Kris might find a different kind of payday this season. 

Finally, can anyone tell me why this idiots from the Jersey Shore still live at home? They are obviously making money.. I watched the first episode of the season 4, cause well.. I hate them all.. and they the dumbest group put together for any kind of show. I never seen so many adults cry over the dumbest shit. Put me on the show... please! I would put some corrosive acid in their bronzer and do everyone a favor!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The return....

What happens when you don't let sleeping dog lie? Check out the flawlesstruth soon to be back in business.. all new! More juicier.. new and improved formula.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Biggest Loser?

I came across these two yesterday Roman Godde and his "lover" Jeanne Sahara. To make a long story short I was sitting on a beach lounger and they wanted it. There were several other open loungers but they had to have the one I was on.

First off, the hoe... If that outfit wasn't free you got ripped off. The hair? Yikes... your shape? A body a 12 year old girl would of been proud of. Seriously, at one point she was dancing. It was some of the best freebie dance animations I have ever seen.. though it reminded me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. If only it had a brain.

So at one point this Roman guy asked me to move off the lounger i was sitting on.  I pointed out the other free loungers, but he had to have mine. An when I refused to give it up I was called "angry". lol. His little ugly creature would chirp in here and there like the sidekick of Jabbar the Hut in Star wars.

So these two losers decided they are going to bully me off the lounger. Roman jumps on the pose ball and the female stands by both trying to take control of the menu. This loser Roman starts crying that I'm stalking him. LOL. Um, you contacted me... you walked over to where I was and tried to bully me off my chair.. yea, I'm stalking you. Then he claimed he was a cop in real life and I would be arrested for cyber bullying.. oh yea I was also prank calling his house. LOL - Yea, this guy was pretty pathetic.

Wait it gets better... so this guy is partnered to another female. So I contact the other female today. I start hinting around at the relationship she is in.. next thing I know this "girl" says Hey it's Roman from last night LOL.

So this Roman guy starts talking through his fake alt partner. I mentioned how lame it was to make an alt and partner it. Then all of a sudden.. the story changes. They "live together" in real life and Roman just happened to enter the room and see the conversation. ROFLMAO. Yea, ok.

Then they point out the partnered female is from England so how can they be the same person? Well of course everyone know everything in sl avatar profiles is true *rolls eyes*

Hmmmm.. well then how can you share the same computer in two different countries bound by an ocean? LOL.

Seriously, I challenge anyone to find a biggest loser on second life than this Roman Godde, guy/girl. I mean when you partner yourself... how much worse can that be? pathetic!!