"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, September 12, 2011

So I was at the beach...

Some beach called Poly interracial - It had a high population rating. Was only the 2nd time I was there.. I was just sitting by the beach in a lounge chair chatting with some guy who had a teenage daughter who just started college. He had some type of sense of humor.. and was asking me what he should expect.

Then out of the water.... all of a sudden this creature appeared.

I think the natives called it "Harlee Fallen". The natives tell a legend about this creature that she is really a he. Personally, I didn't care if it is a he or she... It was the huge head this creature had. It was very swollen. An by the look on it's face.. the creature looked very constipated.

I tired to make contact with the creature.. (Not posting everything dont want to bore you)

[09:52] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I heard you admitted to being a guy in real life and it was plastered all over the internet. Congrats on your accomplishment.
[09:53] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): lol well sorry to disappoint you but you shouldnt believe everything you read in the media
[09:54] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): No? what should I believe? So if that IM text is a fake where is your version of it?
[09:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i have it and i honestly couldnt give a shit who believes what LOL its amusing to me and its getting me all this attention
[09:55] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol. can't be good attention.
[09:55] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): theres no such this as bad publicity
[09:55] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): thing
[09:55] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): even
[09:55] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Sure there is..
[09:55] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): not really hasnt affected anything
[09:55] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): just made people know
[09:55] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): who i am

(So this creature thinks this web page is a "good" thing )

[09:58] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): LOL I think you are living in a dream world. Just like you thought you were all that. Good luck with that and BTW your RL pic is a obvious Photoshop job. all someone has to do is take a screen shot of the screen blow it up and they can clearly see there is more noise on the women's face and body then the hand. Secondly, the color and shading is way off.

(Since the creature thinks all attention is good and has posted a RL picture of her former lover in their flickr. )

Click to enlarge. 

Basically I came across this photo of this female. You can do this at home and follow along if you like. 
1. Cnt-alt-Print screen on windows
2. Paste in Photoshop
3. Enlarge the picture. 
4. Notice how the women (minus the hand and sign) has more noise. Look at the boobs area. The face.. compared to the hand. The hand has more definition and less noise.
5. The body, face of the women has more shading the hand has a different light source. 
6. the hand itself.. is that a women's hand lol?

[10:06] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol I dont hang out all day at Big black cocks for skinny blonde bimbos sims like you and aurora. Maybe go out and explore more of second life you will see you are nothing
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): why do u keep talkin about aurora?
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): she could give a shit about you
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): your like obsessed with her
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): LOL
[10:07] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Ok sure great. how long with that take?
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i'm sure you'll be staking out my profile
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): to see
[10:07] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I could care less about her
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): so dont worry about it
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): LOL so why are you talking about her?
[10:07] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): excuse while i paste this to her
[10:08] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol.. go ahead
[10:08] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): did you send it to her?
[10:09] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): for sure
[10:09] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Thanks.
[10:09] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Can you send more messages for me. I think you finally found a talent a mailwomen
[10:10] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Can you tell my mom I love her
[10:10] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i'm sure your obsession with her will help you find more ways to talk to aurora
[10:10] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): so anyway i'm done with you
[10:10] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Yep, Im obsessed with someone who copies everyone lol
[10:10] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): and your boring little self can just go back to being a basic bitch you were born to be
[10:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): ironically you dont hang out at 'interracial sex sims'
[10:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): yet your hanging out at one now
[10:12] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Thanks. I plan to. It's a loud off my shoulders knowing I now have someone to deliver my messages for me. I feel good. I just helped redduce the unemployement rate
[10:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): topless
[10:13] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i see your logic
[10:13] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Yep, Im sitting on a beach. By myself. do I come here everyday like you nope.
[10:13] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): only 2nd time here.
[10:13] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): well then how can you asusme
[10:14] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): assume
[10:14] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i go there every day
[10:14] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): who brings a fucking purse to a beach anyways? Wait I know people delivering mail
[10:14] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i can do it because i'm a flawless bitch
[10:14] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): and your a BASIC bitch
[10:15] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Flawless? LOL. Keeping believe that just like you can keep believing your rl pic has not been doctored or that web page with you admitting to be a guy does not exist
[10:15] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): good one
[10:16] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): funniest part was telling your BF you were a guy and your clueless why he still didnt want you LOL.
[10:17] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I laughed hard. Thank you I didnt know you were so funny

They think theyare something special and are famous... ROFLMAO. An this news that has been spread in second life is going to make them more famous. LOL. You need to wake up as your head is so far up your ass!

Dumb silly creature.

Once again, I could care less if in your RL you pee standing up. It's your attitude.. thinking you are something fucking special... I can't kick the shit out of Kim Kardashian no talent ass.. (Body guards and lawyers would prevent me) but I can sure kick yours. 

It's the next best thing...

Oh yea, BTW I talked to this creature once earlier.. she claimed at that time she had been on SL longer than Aurora Bentham as she has "other avatars" and Aurora copied her. I could care less they are two of 200 girls on second life who love black cock and claim to be barbie. Neither was the first..

My point is.. I'm on my first avatar so how can Ms. Flawless claim to be better then me when I didn't fail the first 4 years of second life.. with two other avatars?

Now they claim

[10:21] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Hey remember that song by Madonna "By baby's got a secret" now I know what it was about. Harlee fallen LOL
[10:21] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): must have been before my time
[10:21] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): sorry
[10:21] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i'm not a fossil
[10:22] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): fossil. lol
[10:22] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I gues you dont know anything that happened more than 4 years ago
[10:22] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): true
[10:23] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I guess thats when your life.. or second life and only life started
[10:23] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): did i join 4 years ago?
[10:23] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): LOL. You didnt?
[10:23] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): gosh bb you've been doing your research
[10:23] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): your like on stalk mode
[10:23] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): huh
[10:24] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): strange last time we talked you said you have been on SL long before aurora with a few alts LOL. ROFLMAO
[10:24] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): you claimed she copied you. - remember

 So the following is dedicated to Mr. Harvey Fallen


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