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Friday, September 23, 2011

Went to my first male strip club...

[16:08] Pattrick : hey megan
[16:08] Megan Fn' Fux: shake it woo hoo
[16:08] Pattrick: welcome to stacks
[16:09] Pattrick : hows sl treating you today
[16:09] Megan Fn' Fux: ok
[16:09] Pattrick: ah good to hear
[16:10] Pattrick: leans his sexy ass out away from the dance pole lets it sway to the beat of the music reaches around and gives it a smack while giving megan a sly grin
[16:10] Megan Fn' Fux: is it always this busy
[16:11] Pattrick: ah well we are a 24/7 club so people coming and going all the time
[16:12] Pattrick : one minute no body here next a crowd its always changing
[16:12] Megan Fn' Fux: im bored what is there to do
[16:13] Pattrick : well this is a strip club
[16:13] Megan Fn' Fux: yea
[16:13] Megan Fn' Fux: so how much will you give me to strip?
[16:13] Pattrick: also a escort so if have any fantasies you wish can also do that in private of course
[16:14] Pattrick: ah it is 250L topless and 500L total naked
[16:14] Pattrick : and that is for me hehe
[16:14] Megan Fn' Fux: great so will that be cash or charge
[16:14] Pattrick : only dancers are allowed to be naked sorry
[16:15] Megan Fn' Fux: so if i dance i can get naked
[16:15] Pattrick : well if you were hired in yes
[16:15] Megan Fn' Fux: why do i need to be hired
[16:15] Pattrick: dancers of the club can only have any clothes
[16:15] Pattrick: well it is a rule of the cclub
[16:16] Pattrick : *any clothes off
[16:16] Megan Fn' Fux: well since i am not hired I can make my own rules
[16:16] Megan Fn' Fux: so start tipping
[16:17] Pattrick : welll not really
[16:17] Megan Fn' Fux: why not
[16:17] Pattrick: like say we do have certain rules we wish people to follow if dont then we ask them to leave
[16:18] Megan Fn' Fux: I have certain rules too. so now thats out of the way lets get the show on the road
[16:18] Pattrick shouts: hey bobb
[16:18] Bobb: hello
[16:18] Pattrick  shouts: hello crystal
[16:19] Pattrick : welcome to stacks
[16:20] Bobb: ¸„.-·~¹°”ˆ˜¨тμαηк чøυ νєяץ мυ¢н¨˜ˆ”°¹~·-.„¸  (¸".-·~¹°"~¨ tμαηk chøυ νyeya ץ mυ ¢ n ¨~"°¹~·-."¸)
[16:20] Pattrick: hows the day going
[16:20] Megan Fn' Fux: hi crystal we are both dancing for your amusement
[16:20] Crystal : ummm thanks
[16:20] Pattrick: excuse me but megan doesnt work here
[16:21] Pattrick : anything i can do for you guys
[16:21] Megan Fn' Fux: please make sure your fox is on a lease last week a meeros got loose and ended up in the air condition duct
[16:21] Bobb : just checkin the place out
[16:22] Crystal : thats ok he likes the air conditioning ducts
[16:22] Pattrick: ah well check away if have any question please ask and will try and help
[16:22] Megan Fn' Fux: Great bobb here at stacks we like to make sure everyone has a good time
[16:22] Bobb : ty Patrick (Patrick Co.)
[16:22] Pattrick : yw bobb
[16:23] Stack n Dales Tip Jar with burst effect: Thank you for the donation, Bobb!
[16:23] Dalil : hello
[16:23] Megan Fn' Fux: hello dalil we are here dancing for your amusement
[16:23] Pattrick : reaching for bobb's tip tilts my head gives him a smile of thanks
[16:24] Pattrick : hello dalil (hello proposition)
[16:24] Pattrick : hello hybarum
[16:24] Megan Fn' Fux: yes welcome to stacks
[16:24] Bobb: cool avis (cool view)
[16:25] Dalil : ·*·THANK • YOU★
[16:25] Hybarum: Thank you
[16:25] Dalil : Pattrick... do you need male dancers ?
[16:26] Pattrick : ah we are always hiring
[16:26] Pattrick : would you like an app
[16:28] Dalil : can you give it to Hybarum?
[16:28] Dalil: rules and all....
[16:32] Megan Fn' Fux: welcome to stacks!

So Patrick then IMed me

2011/09/23 16:25]  Pattrick : wondering if you might not confuse the people into thinking you work here please
[2011/09/23 16:26]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): Im just dancing you said it's a strip club. Im trying to make some money
[2011/09/23 16:26]  Pattrick : we dont allow freelancer
[2011/09/23 16:27]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): im not doing it for free im doing it for tips
[2011/09/23 16:27]  Pattrick : it was funny at first but am asking once more to please stop
[2011/09/23 16:27]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): Im just dancing. OMGZs like what is this footloose I cant dance here
[2011/09/23 16:27]  Pattrick : i have been very nice and respectful and asking you to please do the same if you wish to stay
[2011/09/23 16:28]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): I cant dance?
[2011/09/23 16:29]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): oh great you are going to allow a dragon to work her but not me
[2011/09/23 16:29]  Pattrick : yyes of course you can but am asking please ttry and not make it like your here working
[2011/09/23 16:29]  Pattrick : and never said you couldnt if wish an app be happy to pass it on
[2011/09/23 16:29]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): Im just dancing I cant help it I have happy feet
[2011/09/23 16:30]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): Maybe if you changed your attitude you would make more tips. You are sort of grumpy
[2011/09/23 16:30]  Pattrick : np with that but when you start talking to people like you work here then that problem
[2011/09/23 16:30]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): look there goes the customers.
[2011/09/23 16:31]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): Ijust welcomed them to stacks and told her to keep the fox on a leash
[2011/09/23 16:31]  Pattrick  no that not what you said
[2011/09/23 16:31]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): yea
[2011/09/23 16:32]  Pattrick : [16:20]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): hi crystal we are both dancing for your amusment
[2011/09/23 16:32]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): yea so I was
[2011/09/23 16:32]  Pattrick : that sounds like your working here
[2011/09/23 16:33]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): no i was dancing for her. I wanted to get her dancing too. watch a music video for once. Michael Jackson dances everyone wants to dance
[2011/09/23 16:34]  Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): I think im going to leave your attitude and neglecting the customers has made them all leave. I can't work her anymore. I quit!


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