"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My new Bitch

So I was just standing in a sandbox earlier today and I was AFK. My second life viewer started making some weird screeching noises.. so I go to look. I'm way up in the air coming down...

So I figured these idiots would try to come out of hiding and do it all over sooner or later. Yep, sure enough... someone used a griefer weapon on me. I saw two people flying away into their house by the sandbox hiding BEHIND a security ORB. LOL. How pathetic can two people be? Seriously... You can't even stand your ground when you attack people who are AFK you go running to hide somewhere they can't go LOL. So sad. 

[15:02] Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): you are cool
[15:02] Savannah Mohegan: huh?
[15:03] Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): lol run forrest run
[15:03] Savannah Mohegan: hope you enjoy the sandbox cause you will be banned from this region for harassing me. goodbye
[15:03] Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): I will? cause you keep coming over and griefing me? lol then running away
[15:04] Savannah Mohegan: I didn't do anything I just got back from the second home party and cut through the sandbox
[15:04] Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): lol yea ok.
[15:08] Megan Fn' Fux (rayven.baily): sl wresting is real cool.. not lol
[15:12] Savannah Mohegan: bye you are being removed now. Glad you enjoyed your sandbox :D
[15:17] Rayven Baily: Im being removed? wow Im still here. Im magic. lol.. go post your shitty poems and photos in infernio lol

So the two cowards were Savannah Mohegan and her SL husband. Let me tell you about this Savannah Mohegan, bitch.

First off, she is into SL wrestling. LOL. Have you ever seen RL adults who are into wrestling? Enough said. Just picture these people pretending to be wrestlers on SL. LOL. When I first got into second life I was working as a escort and a part time dancer. There was this LOSER who was a second life wrestler. He had no lindens to tip.. he tipped with these T-shirts he made with his name on them LOL. That about sums up people who are into SL wrestling. 

She has a blog - 1 follower in four months.. LOL - another failure.

Glamor Model?  LOL. lol - now I know what a basic bitch is finally.

Whats with the bulge? ROFLMAO

Harlee Fallen thanks you...


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