"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, September 12, 2011

Every good horror monster movie has a sequel

The creature contacted me and sent me this picture of itself. So proud of their work and their look.. yet if you look close where the hell are their eyes? ROFLMAO  wow I didn't have to do anything. Thanks!
The creature confirms in this picture their head in empty and just filled with air.

My question is this... if you make so much money as you claim on second life from guys throwing money at you. Can you afford anything other than Luck 150 linden tops and outfits? It don't seem so...

The creature claims she is in the process of making her own blog and for it's first post it will reveal a previous conversation we had.

OH no, I'm worried... please no creature. The whole conversation started because someone said Aurora and the creature were the same person. I commented on a video the creature was in on Naughty Machinima saying "Nice video, Aurora!" (something like that)

I think it was the creature who contacted me and we exchanged IMs a few days. It was the creature who decided to change how the conversation was going as it was sort of heated. Where the creature reminded me of how great they were and how I was EMO and wanted to kill myself. blah blah blah.

In the end after also talking with Aurora, they both convinced me they were not the same person. So I appologized to both of them for saying they were.

So they creature claims it's going to release this conversation and make me look like a fool for admitting I was wrong. Good luck... I never claimed to be perfect always like some people.

Please post the conversation... the entire thing where you admit you were on Second life long before Aurora and she copied you.  You will also notice in the converation I hinted to her RL photo as being Photoshopped and she/he should get a wax treatment for the hair growth above her upper lip.


The creature couldn't figure out how to put up a blog so they added me to their flickr. lol
Lie #1: I stalk them - I have only seen them once ever in second life. I don't hang out as Cumdumpsters, AssBangers, Young white whores for big black cocks ghetto.. I was at the sim when your ugly ass strolled on the beach looking like some sea monster.

Funny thing is you were the one being blamed a few days ago for stalking someone else.. LOL.

Lie #2: I kept IMing them and they finally responded. LOL. Yea, ok. I have only talked to them three times. Once when I thought Aurora and the creature were the same person. The other day at the beach and Today when they sent me this lovely picture of them with no eyes.

Lie #3: The conversation they posted seems like that is what happened, but the creature didn't respond past 10:35. They ran away off the sim.

Here is the end of yesterday conversartion and her contacting me today - Harvey Failin gets owned again. 

2011/09/11 10:34] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): you must really have nothing to do
[2011/09/11 10:35] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): really? http://slhotghettomess.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/confessions_of_a_gaysha_pun_intended/  check out this web page I came across sounds like someone's heart got shattered
[2011/09/11 10:35] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): lol
[16:10] Second Life: нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen) has given you this texture:
Center Of Attention
Do you want to keep it? "Block" will block any more offers or messages from нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen).
[16:11] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): thanks looks like you still need to take a shit. lol
[16:11] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i gotta send you an autographed version soon
[16:11] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): your like my newest number one stan now
[16:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): lol once my blog comes out and i paste the actualy convo in full
[16:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): AND how u apologized to me
[16:12] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I did? when?
[16:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): like a little bitch i'm sure everyones going to see
[16:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): what a little psychotic loser you are
[16:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): anyway
[16:12] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): mute-
[16:12] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): I thought you were done with me?
[16:12] Megan Fux (rayven.baily): LOL

Creature claims on flickr the following "then she goes on about something how i have noise on my tits and not my hand? yet she screen shot MY RL picture after obviously STRETCHING IT and posted it on her tacky blog."

Duh if you enlarge the entire picture, the entire picture would be effected equally. I didn't just enlarge the tits area you idiot. LOL. An I said breasts and face. Learn how to read you dumb bimbo. 

Then she claims I got banned? From where LOL. I want to know. Im banned from Cinnabon because I made jokes about the Sultrina release party that is the only sim I'm banned from. Keep those lies coming.

You see Creature you can't win.. because I'm know for being brutaly honest and up front on this blog ask your buddy, Scooby or Emma Shepard. I dont need to lie because there is some much truth to be told. While you are known for confessing you are a guy to your male lover and then posting his RL picture on flickr when he rejected you for not continuing the relationship. ROFLMAO,

Add into that your Picture is a total joke and you don't even need to enlarge it to see it's too different pictures..

You claimed you had avatars before this one. Like Harlee.olivieri aka Candice V. just shut your mouth and start all over again.

This time shut your mouth.. stop claiming you are the shit and you are a man to your boyfriends.


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