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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Going, Going, GONE!

Over the last few weeks several of my videos on Naughty Machinima stopped working. I do have them all on my laptop. Even though it is not a "Super Computer" I was able to save them all unlike people with Super computers. I uploaded one of them.. and really didn't have the desire to upload the rest.

Not now at least...

Not after seeing a Pel Beaton video has been featured on Naughty Machinima. Even if you knew nothing about Pel beaton and is low quality video spamming ways... all you have to do is watch this video and you can clearly see it doesn't hold up to most of the other featured videos. In the day of age where everything is HD, this picture is grainy and sub-standard. The video is nothing you wouldn't have come across is his first 241 videos.

I personally think it's a insult to those videos that truly deserved to stand out by being featured, because those videos had some type of story.. plot.. effort was put into them. They weren't shot, edited, and uploaded in a few hours.

Also what kind of message is this sending? The site is struggling with space issues and you reward the person with twice more videos then the next highest person.. 10 times more videos than the average person and feature their shitty video?

It's clear the standards of that site have clearly gone in the toilet.

In the end.. it was never about ratings, views, comments for me. It was about what I could do or accomplish as a film maker. Basically I made the videos to challenge myself.. and shared them with others. That time of sharing is over.. I have effectively removed all my videos from naughty machinima.

I mean come on.. Pel Beaton has a featured video and Pixie Rain, who is one of the most creative machinima artists who uploads to NM,  don't. that goes to show you what a joke this is.


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