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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What happens when...

People who think they have talent.. make an ass of themselves by showing they have no talent? They become the butt end of jokes on the internet.

Let's take the "great" Kim Kardashian. A few days ago a video clip of a song she made was leaked to the internet.

Repeating a phase 10 times in a row is not song writing anyone can do that! Thank you for not releasing more of this video. My stomach turned enough with the small dose I got. Better yet can you release the rest of the video I want to do a spoof video of it.

Then there is Rebecca Black.

I don't know how old she is but the problem here is there is no rhyming or rhythm in her song. It's like she is talking to a beat and made this song up as they were filming. You seriously have to wonder who helped her write the lyrics to this song my best guess is Scooby Mode.

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today it is Friday
We we we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today
Tomorrow is Saturday
and Sunday comes afterwards

You couldn't pay me enough to kick it with her on a weekend. Partying? Are you kidding me. lol

Bieber has been cloned!

This is sooooo bad. This what happens when people without talent get hyped in the media. Wannabes!! Seriously if this kid asked me out on a date in high school I would laugh at his face then hold him down and shave his head.

Auto tuner is the tool of the devil


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