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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mesh clothing report

Mesh hoodie and mesh jeans. First off, I LOVE hoodies in the fall... nothing is more comfortable then a big snugly hoodie. When I put the mesh hoodie by itself with the shorts I was wearing the bottom portion above my butt wasn't showing. When I added the jeans with the additional hidden layer it fixed the hoodie bottom part. If you look at the bottom of the jeans, the texture is not 100% rezzed. I like the hoodie I might go back and get it.. jeans I don't see as a major improvement over my other jeans.

With these mesh clothing you couldn't adjust them or move them and you got a few different sizes.

2nd skin dress - If this was shorter I might of bought it. This is 2011 not 1911. I wasn't crazy about the stripes look. It fit well and all my body parts were covered.

Sack dress - I love how it was all one piece. Cute dress... one again you cant adjust the dress. 

As you can see the side of my boob had a Janet Jackson moment. 

Everything looking good from the back

Tank Dress  - Not sure what the problem was here. In the store the sack dress gave me problems with the dress not rezzing in the boob area. Now as you can see this dress my boobs were coming through the dress front. 

These were all demos.. you might have to adjust your shape to fit the clothing. I just hope designers continue to offer demos with their mess clothing in the future. 

I wasn't in a big hurry to buy since you need a mesh viewer to see the mesh clothing and if most of the people dont have one... what's the rush?


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