"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harvey's sausage loving "Thugs"

Today I had two random IMs about the same time one from Blaze Eilde and the other from Cain Ruben. I guess as you will see below these are Harvey's thugs. First off, Cain Ruben, check his RL picture out. He is a straight up thug all 85lbs of him. He came off as someone that was trying to fight for their man and they were upset because their man, (Harvey) didn't like all the attention. (who would of figured) It's clear who wore the pants in this relationship.

Here is the deal breaker.. I have Harvey Failin admitting to her little Sausage thugs group.. I have Harvey Failin admitting to trying to have them fuck with peple's connections. Make them drop.. and do worse.

Here you will find three conversations in full with her former SL ex- Max. There you will find Harvey making threats, using alts and once again claiming to be a man.

In the meanwhile this is Harvey's threats to Max to sick her Sausage Thug Posse on him.

[2011/07/28 10:34]  Kimber Rhys: lol well i hope u enjoy the crashing
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Maximus Doesburg: yup

[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: unless
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: u want it all to stop
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Maximus Doesburg: nah its coo i enjoy it

[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: i bet
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: loool
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: its fun knowing ppl
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: who can do things
[2011/07/28 10:35]  Kimber Rhys: like that
[2011/07/28 10:36]  Kimber Rhys: guess whats gonna happen next?
[2011/07/28 10:36]  Maximus Doesburg: go ahead you can tell me
[2011/07/28 10:36]  Kimber Rhys: why ruin the suprise
[2011/07/28 10:36]  Kimber Rhys: i have a few things
[2011/07/28 10:36]  Kimber Rhys: in store

[2011/07/28 10:36]  Maximus Doesburg: okay
[2011/07/28 10:37]  Kimber Rhys: theres no point
[2011/07/28 10:37]  Kimber Rhys: in muting me u see
[2011/07/28 10:37]  Kimber Rhys: because barbie princess's like me
[2011/07/28 10:37]  Kimber Rhys: dont get our hands dirty
[2011/07/28 10:37]  Kimber Rhys: we get ppl to do it for us

2011/09/08 14:44]  Maximus Doesburg: i am afraid of guys who female avies and who turn crazy and stalk ppl yeah
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Quinn Voir: havent u been noticing ur getting banned alot
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Quinn Voir: lately
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Maximus Doesburg: no lol
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Quinn Voir: crashing
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Maximus Doesburg: i havent been banned from one place
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Quinn Voir: oops
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Quinn Voir: hehehe
[2011/09/08 14:44]  Maximus Doesburg: oopse z0mg :D

 This Harlee Fallen person is mentally unstable as you will see reading these TXT transcripts
They admit they are running a scam for money and need to continue to have people think they are a women because of it. 

Max seemed like a genuine guy and I honestly don't know how he has put up with the shit he has. This person needs mental therapy... reading these TXT they admit they are out of control and have problems. Please Harvey Fallin, step away from Second life and see a RL doctor. 

One you are better and have spent years in a psycho ward.. then come back.


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