"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, September 15, 2011

OMGSz It's Laundry Day!

So Harvey is trying to air dirty laundry about me... saying I'm a guy. Seriously, is this any surprise? This person is so desperate to hide their little secret... I don't have to tell you that you can see it for yourself here in these TXT transcripts.

Desperate to the sense they keep making alt after alt. They keep begging their EX - to take them back. Desperate to keep making lie after lie. You are CLEARLY bothered by people saying you are a man.

You saying I'm a man... I think it's funny. So funny to a point where I don't care. Here is why.

  1. You have no credibility - You are so desperate to hide your little secret and keep your scam going that you keep digging yourself  bigger and bigger holes. Lie on top of lie. So many lies you don't know what you told to who. This is exactly what desperate people do...
  2. My Second life does not revolve around daily sex and scams - People who I call friends and call me friends... it's really that. We co-exist. We enjoy talking to each other. If I was a Male, Female, Space Alien, Dog, Big Foot, Gold fish. It wouldn't change that, because I'm not fucking them. Your second life is not my second life. I didn't join second life to lie, scam through sex. My purpose was through creativity. The creativity of the sims, the clothing, the avatar building, making Machinima videos, and taking pictures.
  3. It's not my burden of proof - You are behind the 8 ball not me. I learn from my mistakes... something you should. I'm not on trial here.. you are. It's not my case to make... it's yours. Like I said what would I have to gain by speaking on voice with you. YOU WEREN'T. It says in your profile NO VOICE. You hang out at VOICE sex sims and DONT VOICE. So why all of a sudden you decide you want to talk LOL. I mean come on... I gave you a offer. That was to show the real TXT (which you failed to do. Your docked up version is a joke) and show your new RL pic (which you failed to do) then we would talk. Don't you get it? You basically would have to either produce some very funny forged items (which you already did with one) or come out of the closet and confess... if you want to "expose" me. So you would have to be a martyr if you want to take me down... and that is if you want to take that gamble. Because IF I am a women.. you would have sealed your own fate. LOL. OMG you would look like such a fool. You would be laughed right off second life. So I will put up with your ranting and raving about me being a man.. because I want YOUR self absorbed ass to be the one to pull the trigger ending your little game. I would orgasm to see that. You can yell and scream I'm a man.. but everyone knows you are YOU CONFESSED. Do you like to gamble?

     I also love how I'm a man because I'm out spoken. LOL. Second life is a lot to a lot of people... you like to pretend you are a blonde bimbo straight from LA all while doing it from another country (you arent from the USA I know where). I myself, can admit I'm not the leader, not outspoken enough or maybe a little shy in RL. So while you are off playing Lindsey Lohan, I'm hiding behind a avatar to express thoughts and ideas I wouldn't normally say in the RL world environment. Maybe I over do it.. I guess you are addicted to your money scams and black cock... like I am about Blogging. Difference is I can admit to this. 

     Any hoo.. the bottom line is this...

    You just don't get it... you are psychotic. Someone WAY over their head in lies and doing anything they can to protect their little money scam.It's clear second life is more than a game to you... it IS your life. YOUR RL job. An to me that is very sad.

    You could of took the easy way out. You could of just started over. By now you could of been back to scamming your men with a new identity making your money without the baggage. But you fell in virtual love.. I won't say RL love, but you fell in love with two cartoonish pixel avatars and the lives they had for a short period. Then your RL conscious started to eat at you... and you confessed. You could of walked away... just think. You would still be making all that money you DESIRE and CRAVE, but you couldn't. Your head became too inflated. Thought you ran SL. LOL. This was your biggest mistake. Now you are fooling nobody but some guys so hard up for pussy they remain in your little group even after you have confessed several times YOU ARE A MAN.

    I have said time and time again... walk away. Start a new avatar. Harlee Fallen is dead... why put up with all this? Is your ego that big? Problem though is if you are to start over you can't keep contacting Max and you can't seem to get over that.

    I mean come on... get over the fact it was to pixel cartoon avatar your are obsessed with. Hell, make a Mesh version of Max fuck it and play make believe just get on with your life.

    Get help, please... You are sick in the head. <33


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