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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Fail by Thirsty Meg the Urine Queen

Harvey Failen and his ass licking Puppet Meg Whorel

Bravo Meg.. fuck SL porn you should be in Hollywood.

Meg is crying I was making fun of a friend of their that passed away.

I didn't say ANYTHING about your friend. Where did I mention them? Where did I say I think you are lying and making that up? Sorry, you drama queen... I was talking about you trying to claim you are this innocent angel and do no fucking wrong. How you hang out with all these people who have been exposed as liars yet you are the sweet innocent one of the bunch. I have my limits, but how about you Meg?

If I recall when you were with Strom and the Crabace the other night trying to TP me. You made a comment about my Grandmother who passed away years ago.

we all want to talk to you i think it will be good and granny would want you to talk - Adult <icon>Parcel_R_Light</icon>
[2012/01/30 21:30]  Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/4f3117b5-2fdd-4be3-b10c-21c6626b6c8a/about has offered to teleport you to their location:

Practice what you preach you fake cunt. This bitch is trying to claim this and that. "I didn't blog you." They talk like they are a fucking saint. Nope, you are just a silly cunt who got caught and called out.

Stop being Harlee's dog cunt... You got exposed. Your lies are not even good.. like anyone believes this shit.

Shut your mouth and go wait for some freebies at the chairs at AdN.Oh wait or are you at work.. well that means you will be making SL porn then and showing your pussy on skype.

I also think it's funny the other day when I found Meg's comments on Marketplace over two which cost a total of 10 lindens.. I had three searches for my name on marketplace LOL.

Keep trying you thirsty bitch.

Oh btw you told me to blog your thirsty ass.

[2012/01/31 11:35]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i will tell you this and you can blog this if you want rayven but i promise you i would never start a blog like that about someone

So I IMed Meg Whorel check this out. I guess this was their "new plan" to get back at me since Google had them shut down their blog. Talk about desperation. 
[13:34] Rayven Baily: lol you need better acting classes
[13:36] Meg Corral: what is wrong you with really rayven
[13:37] Meg Corral: you brought it into the open do you want her parents phone number do you want pictures
[13:37] Rayven Baily: hey bitch you sent me a TP the other day and brought up my grandmother you fake ass cunt LOL
[13:37] Rayven Baily: get better acting lessons
[13:37] Meg Corral: ok lets talk then
[13:38] Meg Corral: i can prove to you and this is all you have to say is get better acting lessons do you want her memorial website i can give you the phone number do you want to donate to her memorial see that is what is wrong with you i can prove this to you and all you have to say is get better acting lessons
[13:39] Rayven Baily: read my blog bitch it makes you look like a fool
[13:39] Rayven Baily: desperate fucking harlee puppet
[13:39] Meg Corral: ok rayven i do really no i actually look like a person talking to civil to you that is what it looks like i dont talk about your grandmother and all the stories that you killed her do i?
[13:40] Rayven Baily: i didnt kill my grandmother cunt
[13:40] Meg Corral: i am harlee puppet no you are just mad because i dont dislike her but difference is i dont go around attacking your friends
[13:40] Meg Corral: well that is the stories i hear is what i am saying
[13:40] Rayven Baily: i could care less if you dont hate her
[13:40] Meg Corral: i dont go around saying that do i?
[13:41] Meg Corral: i dont attack your friends that know you because they know you but you do that to me, it makes no sense to me at all.  i never laughed at your grandmothers passing but you laugh at my friends and say i need acting lessions
[13:41] Rayven Baily: LMAO ok meg you are a loser.
[13:41] Rayven Baily: stuff you hear oh from who harlee
[13:41] Rayven Baily: LOL
[13:42] Meg Corral: ok and then the stories about you killing your grandmother is false?  doubt it
[13:42] Rayven Baily: get your tongue out there ass
[13:42] Rayven Baily: ask mai
[13:42] Meg Corral: i dont know mai
[13:42] Rayven Baily: no?
[13:42] Rayven Baily: mia then
[13:43] Meg Corral: yes do you want her parents phone number
[13:43] Rayven Baily: so i guess this is your new strategy you came up with?
[13:43] Rayven Baily: LOL
[13:43] Rayven Baily: so sad
[13:43] Rayven Baily: who thinks of this shit
[13:43] Meg Corral: see this is where you messed up you posted it so i am speaking about it, you made it my buisness to now speak about it
[13:43] Meg Corral: yes sad you killed your own grandmother
[13:43] Meg Corral: just for her money
[13:43] Rayven Baily: its sad really you are using someone's death to get on a soap box
[13:44] Meg Corral: and so are you making videos about your grandmother when you caused it
[13:44] Rayven Baily: LOl
[13:44] Rayven Baily: ah meg what happened to the sweet meg
[13:44] Meg Corral: i mean i posted about my friend and you went out of your way just to IM me once again
[13:44] Rayven Baily: wow thanks for proving me right LOL
[13:45] Rayven Baily: you are bringing up your friend not me
[13:45] Meg Corral: i am not being mean i am saying that i can be just like you and listen to all the stories that you killed your grandmother
[13:45] Meg Corral: you did you made it public on your blog
[13:45] Meg Corral: i told you about it
[13:45] Meg Corral: you blogged it
[13:45] Rayven Baily: nah but I sure you are on the verge of killing yourself
[13:46] Meg Corral: you wish sorry your grandmother might of been your victim but i wont be one of them
[13:46] Rayven Baily: maybe you need to take some meds U MAD
[13:46] Rayven Baily: I want the sweet innocent meg back
[13:46] Rayven Baily: No you are already a victim of getting pissed on
[13:46] Rayven Baily: and shit on
[13:46] Meg Corral: lol i am mad you went out of your way once again to im me and i see that i am speaking calm i am not cussing im smiling actually
[13:46] Rayven Baily: LMAO
[13:47] Rayven Baily: so what do you do at work? do they use your mouth as a toilet
[13:47] Meg Corral: aww piss on lol yea that was pretty fun and funny wasnt it makes me laugh too but im far from mad its secondlife hunny none of this is real
[13:47] Meg Corral: oh wow rayven kudos your so funny
[13:47] Rayven Baily: I think it is cause you are mad
[13:47] Meg Corral: once again you go out of your way to im me to have something else to blog about
[13:48] Rayven Baily: Im sure you hang out in the restrooms at mcdonalds asking to be pissed on
[13:48] Rayven Baily: I should
[13:48] Meg Corral: why do you take what harlee says "u mad"  you have nothing original to say of your own
[13:48] Meg Corral: oh yes rayven its so much fun and exciting
[13:48] Rayven Baily: Im trying to show the real meg not the fake ass one they are trying to tell everyone about
[13:48] Meg Corral: wow you know everything maybe you should be a queen now instead of a princess
[13:49] Rayven Baily: you seem mad like someone who's blog got removed from google LOL
[13:49] Meg Corral: no this is real meg i am calm laughing at you
[13:49] Meg Corral: i dont care about that blog
[13:49] Meg Corral: lol
[13:49] Meg Corral: you keep saying i am mad i am far from men this is hysterical to me
[13:49] Rayven Baily: Im sure you dont toilet mouth
[13:49] Meg Corral: oh my god i just typo hurry blog it
[13:49] Meg Corral: i said men instead of mad
[13:50] Meg Corral: yes toilet mouth opens my mouth real wide mmmmmm want to see babygirl
[13:50] Rayven Baily: I think your man hood was on your mind
[13:50] Rayven Baily: mine
[13:50] Meg Corral: oh my goss you are so funny my man hood lol i just called you did you answer nope
[13:50] Rayven Baily: maybe you have to go pee standing up thats why you said man when i said toliet
[13:51] Meg Corral: lol oh my goss you should really open your own comedian sim
[13:51] Rayven Baily: I want that phone number so I can call and find out if they can get you some mental help
[13:51] Meg Corral: i need mental help i think you just imd me
[13:51] Meg Corral: i think you are the one raging on not me
[13:51] Rayven Baily: can i have that number?
[13:51] Meg Corral: i guess you had nothing else to blog about today
[13:52] Rayven Baily: I need the number peg
[13:52] Meg Corral: lol
[13:52] Rayven Baily: damn called your bluff
[13:52] Rayven Baily: LMAO
[13:52] Meg Corral: oh you did give you a phone number so you can stalk people irl
[13:52] Rayven Baily: you are not a good liar meg
[13:52] Meg Corral: awwww and neither are you
[13:52] Rayven Baily: that will be blogged lol
[13:53] Rayven Baily: LMAO
[13:53] Meg Corral: so you dont believe about my friend mia i dont believe you didnt murder your grandmother
[13:53] Rayven Baily: added to my greatest hits
[13:53] Rayven Baily: I think she is living in scotland now pretending to be a crabface
[13:53] Rayven Baily: which is why you lick her ass
[13:53] Meg Corral: and blog it want to know why everyone knows you are a stalker and will stalker the poor family
[13:54] Meg Corral: did i ask for your familes phone number to ask if you really killed her
[13:54] Meg Corral: so i could say the same give me a phone number so i can see if you really didnt kill her
[13:54] Meg Corral: so this will be blogged once you can give me a phone number so i can see for myself that you did not kill your grandmother then i will give you my friends family number
[13:54] Rayven Baily: How about if i give you phone number for a mental hosiptol
[13:55] Meg Corral: your lucky you didnt end up there or jail murder is a crime
[13:55] Rayven Baily: Ok I have to blog this LOL. such a failure. you are almost as good at failing as fallen
[13:55] Rayven Baily: enjoy mute

 First off, notice how this cunt says "I dont care about that blog". Ah meg, i thought it wasn't your blog. LMAO

Then you make up some story about some women who killed themselves.  So pathetic... wow you have hit rock bottom. Skid row is next for you, Meg. I don't think you will need Skype to show your pussy there.

Then to try a ploy which failed with the Crabface and Scooby Mode - making references about my Grandmother. I will say this again, it really don't bother me. You don't know my Grandmother. As I told the Crabface once before, in my eyes your cant hurt my opnion of the greatest person in my life... especially when it's coming from people who have no morals. Who will do and say anything... You are the bottom feeders of the world.. and you want to talk shit about some who in my eyes is prefect. 

Your whole ploy to turn this into something in your favor and just exposed you are being a liar and a desperate cunt. Whats next? You going to go break into a best buy to steal a computer cause your's is a piece of shit. 

I see your future Meg and it's 10-20 years LOL. 
Skid row here comes another.


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