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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Steer clear of the Pancoons

As reported yesterday, Mercedes "Raccoon" Styles is struggling keeping her business afloat in second life cause the quality is so bad and the customer service is horrible. Several customers who had issues with the quality of the items they purchased, contacted her only to be told their punctuation or spelling needs improving. I thought the customer was always right? No wonder nobody is wearing your clothes... not even you!!

Desperate to make something of their 14 hours a day on second life they have been mating like crazy with their partner the Panda in another way to scam the people of second life out of their hard earned Lindens.

The plan is to sell the Pancoon offspring to the public as an alternative to the very popular Meeroos. Problem is the Pancoons suffer from several defects brought on by the Raccoon's gene pool.

Steer clear of these Pancoons! They are worse than the Gremlins...


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