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Thursday, February 23, 2012

World's Dumbest Products

So I'm a big fan of the show "Shark Tank". Some people have some great ideas..

So I was watching this show "world dumbest.." they had world's smartest inventions. With some really bad commercials selling the products. Some of them I like were the following.

Body Perks - Plastic fake nipples you slip in your bathing suit or tight top. Looks like you are in a freezer 24 hours a day.

Sexedo - A Tuxedo with velcro.. and a two way fly. To get out of that tux on a wedding night in a matter of seconds. Only 300 dollars!

The Beer Pager - A beer coaster which helps you find your beer if you lose it. Problem is you have to carry around a remote. If you lose the beer you are going to lose the remote.

The Pupoose - A crocheted dog carrier you carry you dog around like a purse. It's only 60 dollars!

The Booty Pillow - A pillow shaped like a women's butt. Comes with a thong!

Flair hair - LOL - Hair which is attached to a visor.

Baby Bangs - Wig for your newborn - $29.95

Razorba - A razor on a plastic car ice scrapper to shave your back!

Cheers to you - A DVD set that has crowd cheering and telling you how great you are!

Slinky Scarf - Looks like a bathroom rug. It can be a dress, a scarf, a halter top!

Bed Bunker - A gun safe that replaces your bed spring. Holds 35 rifles and 70 hand guns! Get yours before Dec 21, 2012!!

Doggy Doo - A game where you make the dog poop.

FreedomFlask - A plastic fanny pack you tuck in your pants to hide your liquor. Just unzip your pants and pour it in a cup!

Bicycle Wine rack - Riding a bike and have no place to put your wine bottle?

My Child's pack - A bulletproof back pack! - How many kids lose their backpacks or jackets in school? You going to keep buying a bulletproof backpack for them.

Neckline Lifts - Clear packing tap you put on the back of your neck when you age and your skin starts sagging!

Subtle Butts - Filter you put in your underwear to make your farts smell better!

Mantyhose - Panty Hose for men!

Carlashes - Lashes for your car's headlights!

SolarFeet - Feet tanner. - Only 240 dollars

Pabs - Chasity Belt for Dogs!

Backtactular - A ugly patch to hide your butt crack in low rider jeans.

Free flexor dumbell - It moves like a giant dildo!!


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